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When to start queuing for HM FPs?

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Hello, just got back to the game after a very long time and I've been wanting to try my hand at group-based stuff. Got my operative to 60 and am planning on healing with mostly 186 comm gear and a few of said pieces with 178 augments (best I could afford). I'm just wondering if it's appropriate for me to queue for them now or if I should get a few more pieces of 192 gear/augments/etc. I seem to be handling the lvl50 HM FPs fine for the 10 elite comm badges but I hear that the lvl60 HM FPs are on a whole another level. Just looking for tips and suggestions.


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Gear-wise you're fine. More than fine.

The difficulty tends to go up compared to level 55 flashpoints, though they too have been buffed seriously after 3.0, probably not intentionally. So if you're already dealing with the broken level 55 HMs it won't be a fundamental change, just need to stay a bit more on your toes. Total healing output for the 60 HMs isn't that much but health goes away in large chunks, so you can't slack off too much.

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Nothing wrong with your gear. If you haven't done the HMs before, you could read some guides. But it's fair enough if you don't want spoilers before you go in; just ask the group if there is anything you need to know about the fights. Most can be summed up in a couple of sentences. It's always good when people speak up and say they need an explanation, saves wipes.
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Your gear should be perfectly fine for 60's. Remember that they drop Elite comms and 192's gear, so you shouldn't need this to start with.


That being said in my impression the 60 HM's are a tad more difficult than the 55's have been at the last expansion. Allthough 55's in 148/156 gear was also not a stroll in the park (we just remember these now when we facerolled them with 180's gear). But in the new flashpoints there are a few unforgiving mechanics, like:


- in Tython first Boss all 4 teammember have to position the boss' orbital strike correctly and get out of the aoe asap. This can be a pain with first timers

- in Korriban the Droid boss has a soft enrage, if there is not enough damage among the group he will start "extermination mode" you can image what that is. A healer can heal thorugh it for a short period but if this starts too early there is no chance

- Korriban bonus boss also is a DPS check. The mass-choke this guy does deals more damage each time it occurs eventually one-shotting the whole group

- Korriban again: some of the pulls have Marauders (Sentinels) with them that deal extrem damage. You will need a good tank to pick them all up quickly or need to use CC (almost impossible to heal a DPS that is focused by them)

- Manaan first boss will take ages if DPS don't understand the fight's mechanic and don't damage the 2 add droids evenly

- Manaan second boss needs the group to cuddle and change positions together. Also needs to focus down the occassional adds really fast

- Manaan last boss is again a DPS race which also requires position of boss, understanding the aggro mechanic of this fight and taking care of adds.


- Rakata Prime: ........ is a walk in the park


What I want to say with this is, that there are a lot of mechanics in these new flashpoints that (at current gear levels) cannot be healed through if not executed properly. They are perfectly fine if you have a team that knows what to do. But many people are used to the fact that a good healer could heal their sorry *** through all kind of stupid with everybody way overgeared and these people expect the same from the new FP's.

So, instead of people asking after a wipe. "what did I/we wrong, which mechanic killed us"? They yell: "what kind of useless healer are you, you are supposed to save my ***"!


This is not to discourage you from tackling the FP's, just a heads up :-). I would advise that you look up each of the boss fights and know the mechanics so that you can react if you are getting accused wrongly (and know when it would indeed have been you that caused a wipe).


In any case tell the group you are a first timer and ask for pointers. This usually encourages other first timers to come out as well. With a good group these new FP's are a lot of fun and you will actually have something to heal!


E: forgot to mention a few healer related mechanics, that you should know:

- Tython second boss will make a stabbing attack when he re-appears from stealth that puts a DOT on the target (debuff looks like a knife).Clean this Dot asap, it deals a lot of damage quickly

- Manaan bonus boss: people will get a stacking debuff, that will incapacitate them at 3 stacks. As movement is vital in this fight, cleanse this debuff asap

- in all fights that have phases where no healing is required, DON'T dps ... heal the group to full. There are a lot of moves that will damage the whole group with a big hit (e.g. Korriban last boss) and people would die without a HP cushion

- assign your utility points for maximum moveabilty. In many fights you need to be on the move and need your heals going on then (I'm a commando healer and can specc into this, don't know about Scoundrel/Operative)

- even with very good tanks expect everybody to take damage. There are a lot of unavoidable effects as well as adds appearing after the fight already started (difficult for the tank to pick them up quickly). Keeping the whole group close to full is advisable (but not an easy task sometimes).


phh, wall of text .... but I hope it helps :-)

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There's nothing to worry about,unless Blood Hunt Pop's,if it does,you should Leave because I can tell you now : You won't be able to keep the Tank alive w.o full 86 and a few 92 Pieces (but not necessary).Every other HM is easy (specially AoT or KI).



How ever,you should be able to get a full 86 Set before hitting 60 :l (even a few 92 Pieces) ... don't know why you don't have a full 86 Set (yet) but nvm that.

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