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Utility point spec for scrapper scoundrel dps for pvp


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So I had been away from SWTOR for awhile and then came back recently with this revan expansion so I don't know how scrappers were in pvp up to the 3.0 change but with this new utility point system I'm not sure what the best loadout for pvp is. Anyone have any tips or comments? Anything is appreciated. I'd love to get back to pvp as during and shortly after the hutt expansion I was still leading in kills and damage on the charts. I haven't pvped yet, but I want to get back there! Edited by Legade
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Not sure of the pub names for the utilities so I will just say what they will do:



Reduce cooldown on dirty kick.

30% aoe damage reduction.

Movement speed and stealth lvl.

(Or you can get the 5% flat damage reduction)



Utility that makes surrender break roots.

Utility that makes sleep dart reduce damage stealth by opponent by 50%



Dodge proc on disappearing act.

Reduction of active cooldown of dodge while being attacked.

(Or you could get the 20% damage reduction in pugnacity)


I find that the ones I listed generally serve me well.

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A couple more tips:


Remember that roll is more than a gap closer or speed boost now. Now it is your main survivability as it gives you immunity for 1.5 seconds when you roll. When someone is doing a high burst rotation on you and you have roll up, then you should roll to mitigate that burst. i.e. Pt throws thermal detonator on you and will most likely rail shot when it goes off. Wait for the thermal detonator timer to be almost done and then roll. You just mitigated about 10-20k of damage. Kolto probes are awesome. Keep them up and refresh them on you whenever you can. Tied with shield probe they give you some good survivability. With evasive imperative (sorry for using imp names) you can purge dots and mitigate all white damage fairly often. Also don't try to cleanse dots anymore as they are not cleansible. Only dodge will get rid of them for you. Save your cleanse for roots (won't work on force roots). The pub equivalent of the counter strike talent is a must have IMO (root breaker) as it will allow you to break a root and roll.


Scrappers have some awesome burst and hard hitting abilities. With your 6 piece set bonus your biggest hitter will be an auto crit once per minute. I usually open like this:

1. Back blast from stealth

2. Blood boiler

3. Bludgeon (procs auto crit on blood boiler)

4. Sucker punch spam with bludgeon and back blast mixed in.


Remember that only your dots will activate blood boiler so sometimes you will have to use corrosive dart to detonate it. Sometimes I will use it to detonate a blood boiler I have on someone who is running away. I usually put shield probe on as soon as I pop out of stealth as I usually start taking damage immediately. It will be up again pretty quickly. Don't save dodge for disappearing act as with a utility your exit combat now procs dodge. So now you can use evasion as more of a DCD instead of an escape. That's the general gist of it it's arenas. In warzones you might want to take the cooldown reduction on your disappearing act instead of sedatives. Sedatives is just nice in arenas when you can sap a couple enemy DPS to lower their damage for a few seconds.

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I didn't think dodge purged dots anymore. Is there a utility for it that I'm missing?


Dodge will purge everything but time bombs basically. Instead of thinking of roll procing dodge just think of it as roll giving you immunity for 1.5 seconds. Even though it uses the dodge animation it is not dodge.

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I didn't think dodge purged dots anymore. Is there a utility for it that I'm missing?

Street Tough (passive ability you get for being level 10 Scoundrel) reads that Dodge will now purge all hostile removable effects when activated.


says it right there on the ability.


That being said the Heroic talent Skedaddle grants 2 seconds of Dodge (ability) when you use Disappearing Act which in turn grants the cleansing effect from Street Tough.


Incredibly useful talent.


Generally what can literally make you invincible once you can use Disappearing Act is if you are a scrapper is to Scamper right after Disappearing which will remove all hostile removable effects while simultaneously removing you from local AOE's and granting you invincibility for 1.5 seconds preventing any explosions still attached to you from breaking stealth.


I'm an Op but the concept is exactly the same and I can't tell you how many times I have survived with 1% to 5% of my life left after doing this just to heal, turn around and kill more people.


Very Gratifying.

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