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<Carpe Noctem> Recruiting 1 Rdps for HM TOS and Ravagers


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Carpe Noctem, a top end PVE guild is recruiting an experienced, mechanically sound, and overall top ranged dps for our HM TOS and Ravagers team. We used to raid imp side as Carpe Omnia; however, moved over to pub side and currently working on HM TOS and Ravagers. We have collectively cleared all content prior to 3.0 and will have HM on farm soon.


What we need an experienced Slinger or Commando. Please have Nim DF/DP experience and other content before that. Don't worry about gear we will gear you up that is the least of our worries. What we need is someone who is mechanically sound, can pull good numbers, and can take a joke.


We raid Sunday/Monday 7-11 pst and Tuesday after 9 pst. We will add other days accordingly. We plan to have the content on farm in a few weeks. Just need that last dps to tie it together.


Whisper Malmex, Cinnamonmex, or Sigsauermex in game. Or anyone from Carpe Noctem.


Thank You

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PIPAA!!!!!!!! dude hell yeah come over man we can use and I can use to pvp over here also. Bring a pub over commando, slinger, I don't care. We will be on tonight ill shoot you the TS info. Ill be on around 7 pst pub or imp side. Make a lowbie or bring a toon and whisper me.


MALO aka #1 NA!!!!!

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