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Getting the best stats for healing with your Operative/Scoundrel Min/Max thread


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So Ive always healed on the scoundrel/operative and very much still enjoy it.


I love to tinker with stats/gear between raids, to get the best combination of gear to compliment my heals and playstyle.


Since I couldnt find any guides or hardnumbers, I thought I would start this thread up to discuss stats, and how your prioritize.


Since im not ingame most of this is memorize and could be slightly off.



Ive gone relatively heavy in alacrity, and not so much in surge. I got Surge on 3 pieces, and alacrity on 7. Im still pondering to switch this to a 8th alacrity enhancement.


Numbers are around 68ish% on surge and 8.7ish on alacrity. I cant recall the exact values in my head.


Ive gone relatively high on crit 386ish, to try and play my strenghts which is a lots heal ticks on diffrent heals on diffrent targets, and not so much large single target heals. Also our +15 crit heal bonus helps elliviate my need for high surge. I exerimented with this high crit for a while, and it seems to work well, but could it be lower, could it be higher?


Rest is of course dumped into power.


I'd love to hear from other scoundrel/operative healers how your thoughts are for gearing a great healer.

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I use 3x surge (implants, ear)

All Enhancement are alacrity.

About 200 crit.

Augs are mix of power and main stat, whatever I had, difference is so minor between two that it may be called non-existent.


Ordeken's simulation shows highest numbers with c.a. 200 crit. Tested it and It works fine in game and swapping here and there does not change much in terms of HPS. Mind, I haven't tested very heavy crit build and I will never test low alacrity one. Started with high power build but some crit made things greener, if you take my meaning.


All that said, better wait for Ordeken's guide on the class ;)

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Well my woe is how low do I want to take my crit and get optimal our of my stats. 300? 200? Should I raise it to 450?


And I use the same ration for surge/alacrity enhancements as you, but would I benefits to use 8ala/2surge over 7/3?

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These stats are definitely not min-maxed, as I'm still working on getting gear, but my stats are:


(Mix of mostly 192s with some 186s here and there)

Crit: 435 (26.30%)

Surge: 462 (71.84%)

Alac: 725 (8.38%)

Power: 1971 (Bonus healing: 1328.8)


Since 2.x, I've continued to treat alacrity as a dump stat-- once you hit surge dr, start putting points into alacrity. I'm considering taking out some crit in favor of more power as well. So far, however, with these stats, my scoundrel plays pretty smoothly. Healing is rarely an issue if kolto pack is used liberally and wisely.


My co-healer on his scoundrel alt is experimenting with taking 500 or so alacrity out of his gear, but I'm not so sure that's a good choice. The theorycrafters seem to think otherwise.

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