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returning veteran player looking for raid team


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Recently coming back to the game, chose this server because it's pretty highly populated and I have a lot of friends that play here. Only problem is, those friends mostly just pvp :rolleyes:


looking to join a guild that excels in PvE and wouldn't mind accepting a seasoned melee DPS role into the mix. As I understand, the new raids aren't very melee-friendly and a lot of teams use only ranged.


Faction is unimportant, as I have Vanguard, Guardian, and Shadow at 60, as well as their Imperial counterparts. I consider myself exceptional at all 3 classes, but am most comfortable playing Vigilance Guardian. If i sound like a good fit for your guild and/or raid team, feel free to respond to this post, or send an in-game mail to Kristus on pub side, or Amut on imp side. Thank you for your time.

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Hi There!

I am with Bad Co, are a semi-casual republic guild on Harbinger.

Not sure what you what standard you have for "excels", we do have a competent mix of folks, a half dozen of whom have been there since launch... We can clean most HM OPs, but as a semi-casual guild we do not run 55/60 NiM content...

We've pretty laid back, we do regularly welcome new members to our ops (SM and HM). 90% of the guild members are 30+ years old (must be over 18), a half dozen of whom have been there since launch...

You are welcome to check the full post here:


Our guild site is http://bc-swtor.enjin.com/ - feel free to fill out an application...

If you think we might be a good fit for you, fell free to reach out in-game to Kalliste, Chargeur, Ishman, Prae or Piney... we'll gladly send you an invite to our guild ship & chat.

Thanks for considering us!

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Hmmm.... We are in the process of clearing Ravagers and Temple in SM now... going well but we are not ready/geared for HM, we need to be able to clear SM with our eyes closed first...

Likely won't be for a few months I am sorry to say... sorry!

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Please check out Children of Korriban. We are a casual guild and our main raid night is Sat at 7:00 PM PST. We also run PvP on Tue and Thu nights at 6:00 PM PST. There is usually a good amount of people online on any given night and we are all very willing to help out and run any group mission or activity. All of our information is located in my forum signature below.


Thank you for considering us!

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maybe i should have clarified. the group I'm looking for will be eventually running hard modes of current level 60 content (ToS and Ravagers) sorry for any confusion


Hi! I'm the raid leader of Tango group of Psy-Ops guild (Imperial side). We are currently 10/10 in SM and 2/5 in HM Ravagers, 1/5 HM ToS (started working on Sword Squadron at tonight's raid).


Are you still looking for a raid team? I won't lie... being melee will take exceptional talent in the new raids, but if you are indeed as good as you say, then we'd love to have you come and try out for our raid group.


Send an in-game mail to any of the following of my characters: Babydoll, Halfmint, Milkrose (imp side) or Bunnyfoot, Applecopter (pub side)



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