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A few issues (bugs):


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1. coloring around mats and items disappear all the time now, at vendors, cargo bays....


2. Earthquake no longer makes a sound on sage after the first rumble during channeling


2. FIX the (&*(*#@& RE percentage!!! I crafted and RE'd 200 various 36 level items as a test of the RE % over 5 toons because it seemed a little off after I crafted 30 blue stims to finally receive the adanced schematic. During my test, I received 6 (!!!!) schematics out of 200 RE's. That works out to 3%! What the Heck? Either I am the unluckest crafter in the world or the % chance is way off. With the cost of some mats, this is a BIG problem.


I would also add that the crit rate of treasure hunting seems way off also. I have sent my droid with +2 TH crit chance on 20+ missions now (the appropriate rich/bountiful ones) and have yet to receive one Midlithe crystal.

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