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Nerf Assassin/Shadow


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Sure it's been said already, but I'll say it again.

You cannot kite them anymore. It isn't possible lol. So much immunity. SO MUCH

And hatred? dot pressure, heavy aoe, and great single target burst? I mean...what? lol


This season of ranked will be 90% hatred sins and whatever the new name is for the shadow's equivalent. I don't much care about the dps but, damn, remove the extra immunity on deflection.

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While your at it nerf OPs and smugglebuggles. Oh and maras.


No Ops don't need nerfed, maras need buffed. Like I said, I don't even care about the crazy dps Sins/Shadows are putting out.

But look, they give them the sorc sprint of immunity. Give them longer shroud. A shroud on disappear if they want it. And they turn deflection into shroud lol.

You cannot kite them. Even an average sin will stay on you constantly. maras, ops, all them can be kited. Not a damn sin lol

So bioware, read this, make their sprint normal again. Make deflection normal again and I dunno, give them different utilities.

I feel like you'd have to rework that whole class to fix what you've done to'em in 3.0

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I've seen a ton of people complain about certain trees of Sins, Sorcs, and PT's and even some people nagging about vengeance juggernaut.


I dont see much of an issue with sorcs, currently there is a bug giving them a lot of immunity but in 4v4 you can still focus them to bubble and then wreck them, PT's have great burst with shoulder cannon and maybe it should have a 1 second timer but other than that they can be countered. I dont see jugg as OP, its a very solid class but its not really over-tuned in any one area. This game has more CC than any i've played, melee needs great survivability or its worthless (see mara/sent).


But you're right, hatred sin is OP as b@lls right now. I recently started grinding up my level 45 sin just to take advantage of the faceroll easy pwning. In vent with 2 friends (level 56, level 57, and im level 59) we are literally unstoppable on games like Nova Coast/Alderaan as you cannot stop us from taking positions at will. The burst/immunity/Cc is just too much.

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