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What's the objective again?


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I see how standing to defend a gun gives you badges towards your pvp match. This is by far one of the best ideas a game has come up with. I don't know off hand if anyone else has done it but I'm gonna be honest I'm play SWTOR and I couldn't care less for any other game.


Unfortunately kills still dictates how many badges you get. I know the underlining drive for a PVP match is the actual conflict but as far as objectives go isn't it to grab and maintain the guns? Shouldn't grabbing one of the guns and defense earn you more commendations than the wonderful slaughter wrought on the battlefield?


As an Assassin I'm usually the first to nab a turret and last night I remained with another faithful ally and the two of us defended our gun. I only received 2 badges for the time spent defending and a third badge for killing the few guys that came to me. Yet the ones with up to 7 badges are the guys who get the most kills.


Hutt Ball

So there we were some time last week playing Huttball when we won the game score 3 to 1. Two of those goals I made myself and yet those who killed the most were still the ones getting the most badges.


Void Star

Last week me and my brother played a match in Void Star and using our mic's we pretty much owned the match. We worked so well together that we managed to bring down two force fields before the last set of blast doors, we both placed bombs on the blast doors (Within a second from each other... His blew up first) and to win the game "I" interacted with the console to win the game with my brother just about to do the same. Both of our objective points were 0 and so we received little to no badges.



It seems to me that these objective specific matches should promote and reward completing objectives over kills. There was an argument I had with another player, before I realized what I noticed above, saying that the killing part of pvp is simply a consequence of playing a pvp match. It's the challenge of fighting other real thinking individuals and pitting ones skill to the other that brings excitement to the game. But Alderaan, Void Star and Hutt Ball are NOT arenas where kills are the primary source of bragging rights. They are objective based matches meant to further test a players capacity to work as a group and I believe should thus be rewarded. I'm not saying kills shouldn't give you bragging rights or extra commendations I'm just saying performing objectives should give you more.


That's all I have to say... FOR THE EMPIRE!!!

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