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Stronghold Personnel - Apprentices & Social Sith


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I don't know if a thread like this was already created. Apologies if it's a duplicate.


Anyway, I would really like some Sith for my Stronghold. Not just angry-looking lightsaber wielding guards, but Sith wearing formal clothes and acting like they were at a party. My assassin's Kaas Stronghold has a large social room full of furniture but it's completely dead and empty feeling due to the lack of people doing.. people things. There are Twi'lek dancers and Imperial guards, but who are the dancers dancing for, and who are the guards guarding?


So please add some Sith Lords and Ladies as decorations. Armed Sith guards would be cool as well, and maybe some human and alien apprentices that look like Inquisitors and some that look like Warriors. Don't tie them to the Cartel Market packs, either. Make them Certificate purchases* or Warzone Comm purchases.

(and let the poor things walk and sit, please :()


*yes I know Certificates are a CM thing, but people seem to have a ton of them now because of the Slot Machine.

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