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DB is out, Let's talk a new an improved Deadly Throw


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So the deal with 3.0 is that every discipline was to get 4 unique abilities to cut down on spam. I think that was a good idea, but as is, carnage feels a bit light. That's because one of our abilities, Ataru is passive, and the other Devastating Blast is simply a replacer for Force Scream. Meanwhile we lost some of our talent options, and have to choose the equivalent utilities to get them back. This kind of sucks.


I don't want to speak for Sentinels, but I know many Mara's are not really thrilled about DB as a replacer for FS.>"I Miss Force Scream."> The animation kind of sucks, and Force Scream could do the job DB does right now anyway and we could get something else in return.


I would really like to bring back Deadly / Crippling Throw to Carnage / Combat.

BUT Here's the deal, I don't think a 10m root is worth anything right now. We have move speed, other snares, an improved Force Choke AND Gore with no range requirement, opening up Vicious Throw - DB combos inside 10m already. I don't think its necessary anymore but There's an argument about that here.


Instead I think it should be a bleed, with moderate damage, fast tick - think old rupture - and low rage cost. Trauma debuff is a plus.


Remember Rupture / Cauterize? It was never a big part of our damage but it did help. We could use something to pad our damage up a bit, while evening out the sustain Bioware claims the spec is supposed to have.


Force Scream / Blade Storm gets all the new numbers that Devastating Blast has now, but give us an actual 4th ability instead of a replacement we don't need.


While we're at it, why does everything in this class have to be 4m, 10m or 30m range? What's wrong with a 15m or 20m throw? I personally think it would make the spec more unique to have a mid-range DoT to apply, help our sustain, and not be in any danger of overpowering us.

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