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There just be a reliable group finder for at least SM ops


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When I finally hit level 60 I was so excited to get some gear and jump into SM ops. I sat for hours waiting, and still no queue pop. I realized people were relying on general chat to form groups, the only problem nobody was running new ones, I almost never see the Ravager being run. But if you make the Group Finder for Ops reliable, then limit the ops to the new ones, people will explore them more and have more fun. Also there should be an easier way to get into HM and NM Ops, besides a guild, because often times guilds expect you to be on at a certain time a certain day, but me as a casual player who is often busy doesn't wanna commit to that, so I have no way of ever exceeding SM ops. If there could be some kind of group former, with people of the same item levels being required to be together, it could help alot of people to get into harder content, often times another reason people wont do it is because in General chat people don't wanna take the risk of experiencing a wipe fest with random people doing an HM op, so again if you filter people together through a more organized way (like a group finder for harder ops) it should help alot of people to get into the harder content.
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