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Working PROGRESS...


This is my first time writing a guide, i hope everyone likes it. I will try to write all details as i can. Please you can send me pm if anything that i put here its wrong or erroneous, because yours opinion count for me. Thanks and have fun and play fair.


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Starting New Character...


First you will need to select a server. Notice that if you select in same continent but different coast or different continent you can get from 30ms to 90ms of ping to your online experience.



Second you will need to select a Alliance, Republic or Imperial.



Third you will select your class of your choice, notice upper bar you will see different tabs to get more info about your selected classes.


Here you will see the detail of class:



Four, select your species, notice that some of them you will have to get subscription and buy from Cartel Market.



Fifth, select Gender:



And sixth, start creating and editing your character details:



I hope you understand everything and enjoy your character and class.

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