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Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is the right place to post this so im sorry if im wrong.

Im trying to find some people that belonged to the UNYIELDING GUILD, a republic guild that has been disbanded.

My boyfriend used to be a part of that guild, but eventually he had to stop playing, he made some great friends there, now he got back to SWTOR and the guild has been disbanded no one is nowhere to be found, so im trying to find his friends for him, its kind of a surprise.

The people im searching for, belonged to the UNYIELDING GUILD and they are ISH and GARETH, Gareth had an imp character called Linebreaker.


GUYS, if you are out there please answer, my boyfriend character is Synkain, he came back to swtor, im playing with him as well and we are playing in the Empire with characters named Deia-San and Syntor, we are thinking on making our own guild.


If u guys are still around please let us know =)

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