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[Rep] sage dps/heal LF progressive raid team.


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I am currently searching for a PvE guild which needs a sage dps/healer for current content and beyond. I would prefer a guild that raids 3-5 times a week since I'm a very active player and I need to keep myself busy, also it is very important that a guild I join has a very strong social aspect also.


I can offer a guild a very dedicated player who doesn't find pressing 5 buttons while moving out of stuff such a big issue, although learning a fight is something that every player naturally goes through.. I do not suffer from any issues such as tunnel vision and all that nasty stuff that causes silly wipes. I'm a very active player and I am always willing to help others if needed.


What I'd like from a guild is stable progress throughout the entire expansion and beyond, I don't feel like farming SM for very long and wish to step into a proper ops. Also its very important that the people I play from don't have any sort of bad personality issues or seem to think they are gods gift because they can perform well on a keyboard, its a game and we all play to have fun ^^.


Anyways if anyone feels that they can offer me what I'm looking for please post some sort of contact details here and I'll make sure to say hello.



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