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<Shadow Dominion> 18+ Heavy RP-PvP/PvE


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The Shadow Dominion


Guild Leader(s): (Primary) Darth Harbínger, (Secondary) Darth Nightbane


Guild Officers: Darth Cruxx, Darth Jerrico, Darth Suthre


Guild Alignment: Empire


Guild Type: Heavy RP/PvE/PvP 18+ guild




Guild Rules and Charter





The Shadow Dominion derives from the explicit teachings of the ancient Sith of Korriban by bringing them to the modern Sith Empire of today, along with building the Imperial war machine by training new soldiers, pilots, and expanding the Empire's grasp on the galaxy. It is the belief of the founding Sith who forged their own dominion under the Empire that they not only embrace present ways of the Sith Empire, but that of past and future Sith. Adapting and learning to remain flexible and ever powerful. They are the vanguard of the Empire, and they will strive to bring the Empire back to victory.



We are a Post 3.2 Guild, all information of Update 3.2 is common knowledge in this guild





Shadow Dominion was born from the fruits of their older former guild, The Sovereign Aeons, for you to truly understand the struggle of the Shadow Dominion you must first understand their humble beginnings. Many of those who call themselves part of the Dominion not only swear allegiance to mutual understanding of the new cultural movements within the Empire, but that of the ancient Sith, and those who begin to integrate into the Empire. The leaders of the Dominion are both decedents of ancient Sith like King Adas, but also of newer Sith of today's Empire. Shadow Dominion, although recently reformed, already establishes itself to have many enemies developed in the Republic, Hutt Cartel, and even the Empire itself.


-What we seek-


Shadow Dominion is a dedicated, fun, interactive guild that seeks to not only promote good story telling through RP, but development of individual characters if they are Sith or Imperial personnel. We are looking for Sith RPiers who want to not only strive to be masters of the darkside, but learners and teachers. We are also very militaristic and are looking for IMPERIAL themed personnel to be spec ops soldiers. These persons will join the 45th Special Operations Group dubbed; Galactic Mobile Commandos. We are also looking for Imperial Agents and Sith to join our Intelligence branch. People willing to take the time out to train weekly, and attend events through our RP system loosely based on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game based off a D&D like system.


Sith RP: Led by Sith Magistrate; Suthre Recruiting: HEAVY

Sith Branch Information.

The Sith in Shadow Dominion will be getting a full treatment not only to the life of their Sith character, but progression within a flexible guild. Our Sith Academy on Ashas Ree will host sessions of training both in combative form, but also that of knowledge. If you've ever read the Darth Bane books, you probably understand what we're aiming for. We will also be developing a master/apprentice system, curriculum/pre requisites for advancements, along with interactive goals that will make RPing a Sith much more than just waving a lightsaber around.

(Currently accepting ALL classes and sub-classes of Sith)




Imperial Military RP: Led by Warmaster Cruxx Recruiting: HEAVY

Military Branch Information

Shadow Dominion is very militaristic in that we fully intend to participate in raids, open PvP, open RP-PvP, and more. Thus, we have a need for players seeking roles in our military which is based off the Imperial Army ranking structure but slightly skewed. The 45th Imperial Shock Trooper Regiment are the elite special forces of the Dominion. Bounty Hunters and Agents are encouraged to enlist in our military detachment, however, we also accept Sith Warriors (BUT THEY MUST BE RPing NON FORCE USING for swords). We allow contractors/Merc to join, but they must fall in line with the military style. The 45th will be given room on our stronghold, but for base operations they will be on our guildship. Aside from just saying we're using military ranks, the military forces within Shadow Dominion will be able to develop themselves as a premium imperial fighting force through interactive missions, training, base living, physical training, and more.

(Currently accepting ALL Bounty Hunter and Agents classes, along with Sith Warrior's that must remain non force users)




Intelligence RP: Led by Commandant Jerrico. Recruiting:HEAVY

Intelligence Branch Information

Shadow Dominion's branching out to other worlds and meeting with other guilds has seen a need to ensure stability within its own ranks, within the Empire, their allies, and to ensure we know everything we need to know about our enemies. Shadow Dominion's Intelligence branch is a small sub division of Sith Intelligence led by Darth Jerrico who reports directly to the current head of Sith Intelligence and the Dark Council. Intelligence's job is simple; providing internal/external security for the Dominion, espionage, and development of usable intelligence for the Dominion and our allies.

(Now accepting ALL classes of Sith, Agent, and Bounty Hunter. MUST be willing to RP an agent of the Empire.)






That all being said we have a few expectations for our members to follow:

-Communicate and interact in the guild. (Don't just join and go silent.)

-Be a contributing member. (Help your fellow guild mate if possible)

-Respect and be tolerable

-Use common sense

-And more


Highly Committed Role Play, and Character Development


SD RP Rulebook 2nd Edition, v1


We here at Shadow Dominion have created our own guild-only RP Rule Book based off the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (tabletop). Our Rulebook includes our custom Character Sheets, Dice Roll system, and RP system! Interactive story driven development for your character through RP that is physical! Fill your character sheet to reflect your character and build them up. Journey with the Shadow Dominion in Story Arcs driven by the guild branches and the overall guild! Defeat enemies of the guild both NPC and Player based! Skill sets and equipment that add flavor to RP through new and exciting ways.


PvE (Flashpoints/Operations/Conquest)


The guild fully intends to partake in more than just RP, we can't be strong individuals in the Empire if we can lose in fights! Thus, we aim to hold guild operation sessions once we have the manpower for them, and aid people in Flashpoints and more. We are also very helpful when it comes to aiding fellow members level up!


We plan to run Conquest Events that will mix RP-PvE elements by going planet to planet in the conquest.



PvP (Open World, Warzones, Starfighter)


The guild is also not just one for talks, we intend to fight our way out of situations! While getting PvP gear isn't a primary focus, we do occasionally plan to run Warzone groups and team up in Starfighter! We also have experience in Open World PvP conflicts and plan to mix RP in them! We are beginning to open Sub-Branches based around PvP such as the Shadow Guard, and our Naval pilots who partake in Galactic Starfighter.



Associating with those outside the Guild


We here at Shadow Dominion as we begin to build ourselves up hope to make the most out of our return by participating in community events, RP out in the open, and talk with other guilds, individuals, and factions. We're looking to make friends, enemies, associates, and more. It's no fun if we keep to ourselves, and especially no fun if we don't include the community and others in our RP experiences. If you'd like to RP with Shadow Dominion, please feel free to openly approach us!




Recruitment is done in several parts: Application, In-Game Interview, Acceptance, and Character Sheets. The first step to joining the guild either from online or in game is to go to our website: http://theshadowdominion.enjin.com/ and fill out an application by clicking the Recruitment tab. Once applied, you will be spoken to by an officer, admin, or recruiter who will specify if your application is denied, or accepted. Once accepted, you must meet the officer in game for an interview. The interview is completely IC and is mainly to RP you into the guild. We are a Heavy RP guild before anything, so prepare to show us what you can do. Once you are in the guild, you will be brought into the guild in game, and your application will be approved. The last thing you MUST do is make a character sheet within the first week of your recruitment. Character Sheets are easy and MANDATORY for all members to participate in any event or RP. Failure to create your sheet will result in setting up a meeting to get it done, or removal.





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Greetings Ebon Hawk,


The last few days have been just as busy for Shadow Dominion, and we're excited for the events to come! Sunday we had Chapter 4 of our 1st guild Story Arc (Campaign). The dominion forces were sent to the planet of Tatooine where Imperial forces had learned of defectors turned Revanites have set up a listening outpost near Imperial territory. After a Revanite defeat near Outpost Varath, Dominion forces moved north to their listening outpost only to be caught offguard by an old enemy, Kobra the Hutt, and his cartel forces. After defeating an Isotope 5 droid and Kobra's Isotope Walker, the Dominion were forced to retreat as Revanite reinforcements arrived. However, Kobra was stripped of his 'Infinity Necklace' which adds another piece to the long puzzle of the ancient rakatan device in Dominion hands.


Dominion forces secure a downed Imperial convoy under attack by Revanites



45th Shock Troopers secure the right flank as the Dominion begin to attack the Listening Outpost



Inside the Outpost, Dominion forces attack a Isotope 5 Droid, several Hutt enforcers, and an Isotope 5 Walker piloted by Kobra the Hutt, who was later taken prisoner by revanites.




The Dominion's own Sith Academy also had a treat this week as Warmaster, Darth Cruxx, was able to give a lesson on the planet of Hoth on endurance and using the force to resist the elements. Climbing a tall mountain peak, Dominion Sith Initiates, Acolytes, and apprentices moved up the mountain where they meditated until dark in the frigid cold. All Sith successfully passed their training.


Meditation circle of the training Sith next to Darth Cruxx.



Young Sith attempt to climb the high Hoth mountain for their training area, the high peak caused a snow storm and low visibility where only the force could guide.



Shadow Dominion is always looking for new recruits to join our Sith, Military, or even come in as MISC characters: Slaves, Mercs, Civilians. We are about to initiated Guild Update 2.1 where new updates to our guild RuleBook, systems, and new versions of our Skill List, Equipment/Items List, and Character Sheets will be coming out. More to come! Join us today, rise to the future!

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Happy February Ebon Hawk community, or for some, happy Super Bowl!


January now comes to a close, and for the members of Shadow Dominion, it couldn't have been a more successful month as we DOUBLED our membership and actives, along with beginning new quests and nearing the end of our first Campaign: The Infinity Wars.


We are now near 10mil away from our desired guild ship! Upon for addition of our ship, we will be opening a NAVAL branch of the guild focused around entirely naval RP, gameplay, and more. The RP system will be adapted for vehicles, ships, and piloting, along with an arm focused for SWTOR's GSF. The 45th will also be permanently stationed aboard our vessel, while our stronghold or 'enclave' as we call it, will be formed into primarily a Sith Academy and HQ. We are very excited to be so near our long long goal since September.


Shadow Dominion has reached an all time high of Sith and troops! We now have enough Sith to begin promoting people potentially to Lord status, upon which, they will be referred to as officers. We have just promoted new Acolytes, and at least one Adept.


The 45th has done amazing progress having done weekly patrols on Vaiken helping keep the peace, where other guilds have complimented us on our Imperial knowledge and work! The 45th is now at platoon level status with 2 squads, and 2 fire teams in each squad Totaling 20+ active 45th members!


Now to show you what we've been doing the passed week!


Yesterday we had a Promotion and Award ceremony at the enclave for the 45th as new commands were given to several troops, with new awards, and promotions! Congratulations to the new Fire Team leaders of Aurek, Besh, Cresh, and Dorn Fire Teams, and the Squads Leaders of 1st and 2nd Squads for their new assignments, and the new commissioned Lieutenant as Platoon Leader!


1st Platoons unit picture at the ceremony, not all were present for the ceremony.



45th enlisted dining and enjoying the ceremony as Captain Zhakiv makes a speech



The Sith have done very well in their training, here they are demonstrating their skill alongside the 45th to another guild, Volition.



And lastly, here is a highlight from this weeks 45th training at the shooting range as veteran Cossick lands himself enough score to qualify as an Imperial Marksman



We are very very proud of the Sith in our Academy, and the Soldiers of the 45th, along with the few Mercs we've hired! You have all given us a wonderful month of progress, and it can only progress from here. We are still looking for SLAVES, SERVANTS, and CIVILIAN type players to join us. The Dominion isn't strictly combat oriented, join us today, for a better RP future.

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Greetings Ebon Hawk,


We have a series of very special announcements as we have hit a major breakthroughs!


The first being: WE HAVE OUR GUILDSHIP! Shadow Dominion is now a guild with a ship as we venture into the world of Conquest and Fleet RP. However, what does this mean for Shadow Dominion itself who prides itself on character and story development above all else, and our RP system? It means a lot...


-The Opening of our Naval Branch!: Led by current Fleet Commander Nithron Nalar

Alongside our Sith and Imperial Army branches, with our guildship we will now be beginning our Naval Branch. The Navy will constitute pilots, crewman for the guildship, and more. Pilot will be people who participate in Galactic Starfighter (GSF) along with an entire new ranking system, and more. Sith who wish to pilot may also branch with a certification in the navy to aid the Dominion Fleet in GSF. However, there is more than just the GSF and our Guild Ship! Ship based RP with our RP system will become very indepth and visual! Ships will have a HUGE impact to how we perform a campaign, and we will even have epic ship to ship fleet combat RPies in which we must defend from borders, or work ship systems to engage an enemy fleet. If you wanted that epic star wars space experience, but felt cheated that there was no way to really get into it... This is your chance.


-Conquest RP!

We have beta tested a system for many months on how we would integrate SWTOR's conquest system into our RP, and this week we will beginning it! Conquest for us isn't just about invading a planet, it's a major RP opportunity! Join the Dominion as we weekly or monthly deploy to a planet in aid of the Imperial effort to destroy key Republic positions, or our own enemies.


-Opening of the Shadow Guard: Led by Aribter Decli'n

We are proud to announce the opening of our first RP-PvP sub branch! The Shadow Guard constitutes some of our finest PvPiers! The Shadow Guard operate as our Sith vanguard during actual in game combat, they are the direct servants of the council and the Overlord, acting as our Praetorian guards. Shadow Guard hopefuls must be Sith, lvl 60, with PvP gear, and willing to fully immerse in RP and other minor requirements. It's a very selective group, with only RP-PVPiers joining! We will soon be opening up a Military equivalent.


Shadow Dominion is also actively looking for community events and RP to work with. There are PLENTY of opportunities in Shadow Dominion, all you need do is commit.



The new Imperial Barracks inside the Harrower-class Dreadnought <Oblivion>



From Left to Right. Fleet Commander Nithron Nalar, Arbiter Decli'n, Overlord Harbinger, and Guard Szedros.


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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


Today I'd like to talk a little bit about what is currently going on with our branches and where we need more membership! Shadow Dominion works week to week to bring our members outstanding RP opportunities, and working with others inside the community.


Sith Branch: The Ashas Ree Sith Academy has been on the up with new Initiates being brought in weekly. We are now beginning personal trials including: War Blade Trial, Vision Trial, and more. We are also happy to announce that we're soon to have our first few graduates of the Academy in the coming months as they near the end of their training! We will also be beginning advanced classes allowing people to learn on subjects such as Sith Alchemy, Force skills, Saber skills, and more. 3 full classes weekly, along with Sith events. The Sith are always in need of new students to train to be Sith as we bring new folks forward.


45th (Imperial Army) Branch: The 45th is in great need of additional ACTIVE troops. We are trying to keep a good solid platoon of 4 Fire Teams, 2 teams per squad. Especially now with our new Guild Ship, we will be needing additional soldiers. Bounty Hunters/Agents, and Sith Warriors (NON FORCE USERS). Sith Warriors basically are sword wielding soldiers. If you wish to enlist, please contact our recruitment offices.


Navy Branch: The Navy has kicked off, but we have NO PILOTS!!! Naval information is forthcoming, but we will be beginning GSF runs for those currently in the guild who enjoy it. We also seek FULL TIME crewmen for our Guild Ship and soon will be beginning pieces of our RP system to accommodate for the navy. If you love life on a ship, or want to pilot around in GSF, you may find a home in our navy!



Mercs/Bounty Hunters Branch: We currently have -2- open slots for Mercs/Bounty Hunters! Mercs/Bounty Hunters may be any class they wish, but cannot be force sensitive. (ICly, by Imperial Law we'd force you into the Academy). We only allow 5 Mercs/BHs in the guild to keep a balance of those who aren't fully loyal to the Empire. However, we do have a branch leader for this named Fagrim who is Mandalorian having served the guild as a contractor for over half a year! If you think you have what it takes to be a Merc for the Shadow Dominion full time, come check us out.


Slaves Branch: WE NEED SLAVES! We only have -1- active slave and 2 that are alts of others in the guild. Slaves aren't just entertainment, they provide a backbone of labor, extra manpower in war, and are a status symbol for people who are wealthy or powerful enough to dominate other sentient beings. We are looking for an IMPERIAL SLAVER who can provide the direction and opportunities for current and future slaves. Currently slaves MUST still fill out a character sheet, but this may change as many slaves we've talked to may not wish to partake in combat at all. More on this to come.



We have also conducted the FINAL CHAPTER of the guilds first campaign, with the thrilling conclusion of the chapter this Saturday! Shadow Dominion has invaded the planet Taanab in a stunning blitz to assault a dig site on the agricultural world. What happens next? Find out Saturday!


The Shadow Dominion assault Taanab in force, supported in orbit by capital ships to guard their approach to the dig site.


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Would you guys be interested in an rp/pvp events between your guild and mine? Story progression would be the key focus, but the events would have a pvp aspect to it all as well.


Just send a message to our website, and we can see something work out!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


Shadow Dominion hasn't updated in over a week, and that's because we've gone through some major updates and really made huge strives! First off, we've now become a dedicated Conquest guild while we strive to expand our guildship! It's been a huge guild effort and we're happy that we accomplished keeping the leaderboard for Tatooine making 9th place! Not bad for a mainly RP focused guild! We've also completed our FIRST CAMPAIGN! We are happy to have finally completed months of fun as we move to a second campaign sure to bring new RP experiences and new development into the guilds story. We've also made huge additions and changes to our branches. Here's the news!


Sith Branch: The Sith are expanding! We are beginning new specific classes beginning with an Alchemy class, and soon a Saber Combat class! New Overseers are being trained to expand the Academy along with new options for the Sith. A Sith award ceremony is soon to reward our veteran Sith and bring people more into the Sith community with steadfast knowledge and ability. The Shadow Guard sub branch is also looking for potential RP-PvPiers, there can only be a handful of Shadow Guard at a time that are picked from our Academy.


Military Branch: The Military is growing! Join the 45th Imperial Shock Trooper Corps, one of the most dedicated, motivated, and highly organized Imperial Army units on Ebon Hawk! Critically praised for our activity on Vaiken patrols, and showing off Imperial dominance across the galaxy! Our Naval branch is no a Sub Branch of just the overall Military branch. Navy is an option for 45th members who which to branch out to it. We are also developing a Black Ops unit which will be STRICTLY RP-PvP BASED to co-op with the Sith's Shadow Guard!


Intelligence Branch: INTRODUCING A NEW BRANCH BEING BUILT! Replacing Navy as a major head branch, Intelligence is coming to Shadow Dominion soon! Based on Intel gathering, espionage, and assassination, our intel branch is going to be a very important part of our guild. Intelligence isn't just RP, it's very demanding as we send people to spy on hostile enemy guilds, keep tabs on friends and associates, and create safehouses around the galaxy. WE WILL EVEN HAVE REPUBLIC ALTS SPECIALIZED TO SPY ON THE REPUBLIC! However, intelligence is NOT just for Agents. This is based as a department of SITH INTELLIGENCE in the current timeline, so Sith and Agents are all encouraged to join it! More info will be coming soon once we open the branch.


MISC Branches:

Slaves: We just enslaved up to 6 players, all mains! We have flourished out the slave branch to actually have meaning rather than just simple servants. There are now 4 types of slave to choose from.

-Labor Slave

-Entertainment Slave

-Servant Slave

-Personal Slave


Each slave type serves a unique purpose in the guild. They are all mainly non combatant, however, a slave can opt to be combative! Slaves also have an OPTIONAL choice to make a character sheet, so it's not demanded. However if you want to do combat, just make a sheet!


Mercs/Bounty Hunters: We have removed some current mercs for major inactivity, thus, there are new slots open! We can now bring in up to 4 new mercs/bounty hunters! Come join us and hunt for the Dominion!


Civilians: We are looking for regular non combative members to join around our enclave too! It's an option!



Slave options! Entertainer, Servant, Personal, or Labor. Find more info on our website!



Darth Cruxx teaches a lesson at the Academy to our several Initiates, and Acolytes. Uniformed, only a potential graduate on the far left is allowed individuality.



The 45th have moved into their new barracks aboard the Harrower-class Dreadnought 'Oblivion'. Standing next to their bunks, they await an armored inspection.



Join Shadow Dominion, join a guild that focuses on pure RP character and story development. For the Empire!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


This passed weekend has been filled with new membership, transitions, and new friends! So let's get started!


<Voilition> is now an ALLY of Shadow Dominion! After weeks of talks between Darths Sirenis and Immanitas, and the Dominion council. Shadow Dominion will now be providing the Sixth Expeditionary Fleet with assistance in their ongoing campaign of conquest in Sector 12-D. The Dominion's 1st Fleet is scheduled to begin mobilization within the next month for assistance, along with cooperative military operations.


Shadow Dominion has also begun revamping its war machine by boosting the Imperial chain of command within the 45th Imperial Shock Trooper Corps, and their naval attachments. New upcoming dominion naval officer, Nithron Nalar, is to be transferred into the Army as a Colonel where he will oversee combined operations as head of the Dominion Armed Forces. Several new commissioned officers are expected in the next 2 weeks, along with updated leadership from fire teams, squad leaders, to platoon leaders.


The Sith of the Dominion will also be conducting a mass ceremony this week to induct one of the first full fledged Lords of Shadow Dominion, along with several promotions, awards, and apprenticeships being announced. Allies of the Shadow Dominion are welcomed to attend!


Now let's see current events:


The LARGEST Academy session took place last week with a total 10 attending students, 3 council members observing, 2 soldiers providing security, and 4 slaves providing services. A grand total of: 19 JUST at the session!



Providing a minor Quest, Acolyte Kiysa and Specialist Amaya, brought their private RP to the guild, allowing for a chance to show off members ability to GM and host an event. Here, Acolyte Kiysa leads a force of 45th and supporting Sith to take down a rogue Sith on Dromund Kaas!




Retaliation for an attack on the republic aligned world of Taanab, Republic forces from Rhen Var attempted to assualt Dominion vessels causing a swift counter operation by the Imperial 45th. Light Armored vehicles and infantry were deployed on planet as a Quick Reaction Force (QRF)



Dominion Infantry engage Republic Infantry in a firefight lasting several hours before a conclusion ending in an Imperial minor victory. Soon after, Imperial forces formed a defensive small forward outpost while the 45th were recalled to fleet.



Shadow Dominion is vastly growing as a premium place to commit to a long term character or story development oriented guild. Join us today!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


Shadow Dominion has been vastly busy the last few days, so let's dive right into it.


<Imperial Army> is now an official ally of Shadow Dominion! After a communication from an Imperial Captain Obiradd described the potential of teaming up their 47th Imperial Expeditionary Force (I.E.F) and the Dominion's 45th Imperial Shock Trooper Corps. New Shadow Dominion military head Major Nithron Nalar and Captain Zhakiv Nalar moved to the 47th flagship 'Relentless' for a meet and greet between their two units which became a huge success after an agreement was made with the 47ths CO Brigadier General Jentos Svarthos. The two forces now aligned will be operating closely together.


Shadow Dominion's ability has increased as the 45th expands with a brand new chain of command after a unit formation last Monday! New military head, Arch-Militant, Major Nithron Nalar has taken the reigns as formal head of the 45th and naval coordinator. Captain Zhakiv Nalar, Nithron's cousin acts as Executive Officer, but primary head of the 45th, while a new officer was commissioned. New Lieutenant Besilarius has become 1st Platoon Leader and a tactical adviser to the Dominion council.


Building upon their new found allies of the 6th Fleet (Volition) and the 47th (Imperial Army), the Dominion's 45th was able to coordinate an effective raid on the Republic Outpost of Hoth to eliminate the enemy Commander along with several tactical position in the region.


The Sith in Shadow Dominion were also graced with high attention as Overlord Harbinger provided a massive ceremony that saw multiple Sith of the Dominion rise in rank, given awards, and many young sith given masters. One Sith in particular, was made the FIRST promoted Lord in Shadow Dominion, Lord Vas. We were also happy to have our allies Volition and Imperial Army show up and give their support to our growing Sith!


45th personnel line up in formation for field promotions and appointment of Major Nalar.



The Sith of the Dominion line up to be given awards for service over the last two months.



Volition leaders, Darths Sirenis and Immanitas, meet with Shadow Dominion leader, Darth Harbinger, and speak politics, tactics, and strategy after introducing the leader of Imperial Army to Volition.


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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


This week for Shadow Dominion has been one more on the OOC side of things as we focused primarily on conquest, preparation for the new month, build up to the new campaign, and working with our allies in prep for new co-op stories/events. So here's the load out for this last week!


Conquest is becoming a more dominant concern for Shadow Dominion as we attempt to expand our guild ship, we'll be trying to stay on leaderboards as best as possible, so if you see us on that board one week, you better expect a fight for placement! We're also hoping to organize Operations again here soon later this month!


Sith Branch: The Sith now have multiple overseers! Besides Academy Master Tali'Issia, there is now Headmaster Jayson, Overseer Szedros, and Overseer Decli'n who are expanding our Academy by offering classes on the following: Blade Combat and Forms, Force Mastery, Alchemy, and History BESIDES the mainstream Academy sessions that occur 2-3 times a week! We are also looking for strong and dedicated RP-PVPiers for our Shadow Guard sub branch once you rank up twice in the guild and go through our academy. If combat and killing players is something you like, try to be a Shadow Guard!


Military Branch: The 45th is looking to expand! New soldiers are needed to man the front, and as new events are forthcoming our military will be very active with deployments, patrols, and training. Lieutenant Besilarius will be planning week to week training sessions, along with Major Nithron Nalar on preparation for the coming campaign and working with our military allies in co-op missions/patrols. There will also be a BLACK OPS special forces sub branch that will be a mirror to the Shadow Guard opening fairly soon if we get the numbers!


Intelligence Branch: Intel is on the way! Preparation has been going through the last few weeks, and it's nearly ready to be open to the public! Intelligence is for both Sith and Non Sith players focusing on SITH INTELLIGENCE and the way things are run now a days. Stay tuned for more.


MISC Branch:


Slaves: We have over 3-5 ACTIVE slaves in the guild! All mains! However, a good guild still needs a good workforce so there's always room to bring in more. We are now looking for a SLAVER or SLAVE MASTER to organize, lead, and make events for our slave population. We will be hosting a slave event soon to beta test the idea out in the public along with new story lines for our slaves to be included in the spotlight. Slaves are an important cornerstone of Imperial society and must not be forgotten!


Civilians: WE HAVE OUR FIRST CIVILIAN! A secretary who works in our archives now comes on daily helping the Dominion Council and others in organization and scheduling.


This week we also did 2 quests, one was a mini quest that involved the 45th being deployed with some Sith to assist in a small rebel uprising in the forests of Dromund Kaas, and a Traitorous Plot on Nez Peron where a loyal Duro summoned the Dominion for help!


Dominion forces arrive on the agricultural world, Nez Peron, in order to help a loyal Duro who reported a traitorous plot to sell adegen crystals to a Weequay Pirate gang.



45th forces engage rebels in the forests of Dromund Kaas far from Kaas City after an ambush was made on Cpl.Damar.




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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


It's been a good while since we here at Shadow Dominion has let you know what we've been up to, but that's because we've been so hard at work and getting everything together for a new update! Let's get started!


Shadow Dominion is now in Guild Update 3, we release guild updates every time there is a large change in the guild. Either a new version of our RP rulebook, new guidelines/rules for the guild, or changes to a branch. There are many new additions in this recent update making it update 3!:


-First, we are happy to announce our new INTELLIGENCE BRANCH is now open! However, until it gets its footing, recruitment will be done on case by case and mostly during recruitment events rather than application. We will let you know if we are accepting intel application once you apply.

-Secondly, we have just gone through some new rule changes. We would like to commit ourselves and ensure stability within the guild, thus, we are working to ensure stronger relationship between our general membership and the leadership. This is a very active, dedicated, and hard working guild. We expect all our members to participate to the level of standards we've set out.

-Third, and last but not least, we've changed our Rulebook to a new version changing our entire character sheet makeup, how attributes are done, and will be adding new skills and development.


We are also looking for primarily MILITARY members! Our Sith academy is rather full and busy, but our military branch has gone down in activity. Our military leader, Nithron Nalar, is seeking bright talent to make up our military ranks and those of dedication to prove they can rise up to become future leadership as many spots have opened recently. The 45th Imperial Shock Trooper Corps needs YOU.


Our Sith headed by Academy Master Tal'Issia has begun more weekly trainings alongside her large staff of Overseers. New classes will begin starting April!


Intelligence will begin operations here soon and we are thrilled to begin! Missions will include guild to guild espionage, storylines against NPCs, and more.


Shadow Dominion is also dedicated in conquest as we've been on the leadership board for a planet the last few weeks! We also plan to get back into Operation, especially if it involves a Conquest requirement.


Lastly, we've begun our new Campaign! Story Arc 2: Chapter 1 has already passed with Chapter 2 now coming to conclude a conflict on the planet Myrkr! Join Shadow Dominion as we fight our adversaries in the Republic, Hutt Cartel, and beyond!


Shadow Dominion forces gather in the forests of Myrkr to find the source of a force disabling source.



Shadow Dominion takes down the Terror From Beyond!



Shadow Dominion will be beginning plenty of new events in the month of April. Join us, and take on the galaxy!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk!


It has been a good few weeks since our last update, but we've surely been busy so let's dive right into it!


Right now Shadow Dominion's been in a major recovery/update mode as we go through all our branches finding ways to improve the way we operate across the board. We want to ensure our membership have a sense of interactivity, meaning, and purpose when they go through our RP and feel in tune with our RP system.


Thus, the following has been done to enable these changes:

-The entire Sith Academy is being redone with new leadership such as new Academy Master Alcuin Tulf, new systems in place, a better structure for advancement, and a more clear path when it comes to training. We are also going to be improving on less of the 'classroom setting' and more on adventure, quests, and custom RP that isn't dependent on a GM or superior to be with you.

-The entire military is going to be undergoing changes to the command structure, the SOP will be getting a new version allowing more versatility for individual troops. More clear duty assignments for day to day operation, and a clearer mission for the 45th to operate without a GM, superiors, or even fellow soldiers. We want our troops to feel as important as our Sith.

-Intelligence will be closed for recruitment until the military gets to a size that we are comfortable with, as activity for it is very low as some have transferred to Intel. Transfers are currently forbidden from any other branch.


As of the 3rd during my last post, our military strength has slightly increased, but not to a comfortable level that we are fine with as a standard infantry force. Thus, we are still in major major need of military recruits which is a prime focus. We get Sith applicants nearly every day, but we are still welcoming Sith with open arms! If you're interested in joining Shadow Dominion merely go to our recruitment tab here.


Event wise, Shadow Dominion has not slowed down as we have used the last few weeks to begin our new STORY ARC! Campaign two has begun with a major success with over 15 personnel in attendance to each event! Chapter 1 was so long, we had to divide it into 3 parts, for 3 separate events, one being a major boss fight! Chapter 1 took place on the planet Myrkr, where the Shadow Dominion had to stop their old rival, Kobra the Hutt, from a dangerous operation that could damage the very fabric of the Sith Empire!


Arriving on the planet Myrkr, Dominion forces accompanied by auxiliary Imperial troops attack a Hutt enforcer camp.



Dominion forces attack Kobra's fortress



Inside Kobra's complex, Dominion forces stack up ready to move into the fortress depths



45th operations brief during a research mission to Hoth



Shadow Dominion needs new troops! We need young Sith willing to learn and train, and we need to safeguard the future of the Empire. Join us today, join the future.

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Greetings Ebon Hawk!


Shadow Dominion is still hitting it hard with a growing Sith Academy and more activity in the 45th. The guild is really expanding! Events, especially RP, is occurring every week with more big events coming as summer begins! This Sunday is the next chapter of our story arc which is a direct event from post-Ziost after the last update, so it's sure to be very exciting!


We are still focusing mainly on the military recruitment, as we continue to get Sith recruits daily. If you are a prospective military recruit and faithful servant of the Empire. Please head to our application page and sign up for duty! HERE


Shadow Dominion is also looking to expand more frequently into Operations, and Commander Hunting weekly! If this is something you're looking into while getting a great RP experience, look no further than Shadow Dominion!


More to come by next week!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!




Shadow Dominion has been actively working toward bettering ourselves, building on our RP, and advancing our plots and campaigns! Currently all 3 branches: Sith, Military, and Intel have either begun or have continued story lines alongside the overall guild story arc campaign! We're very excited to announce that Intelligence is FULLY OPEN! That means anyone wishing to become a member of our Intel branch may now do so by applying.




Sith RP: The Tribulations of the Gathered: Read Here


Military RP: Campaign Shock and Awe: - Read Here


Intel RP: [Forthcoming!]


The Shadow Dominion Story Arc Campaigns Chapter's 3 and 4 will be happening here hopefully this month along with preparation for what is to come at E3! Shadow Dominion is still heavily looking for recruits for all branches ESPECIALLY the Military Branch! Join us today, and become apart of an ever spanning community.

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


Shadow Dominion is proud to announce that our Intelligence branch will be beginning its first events this week along with the beginnings of our Sith branch's new arc: Season II "Blades of Iziz". The Military branch is also working on beginning a more permanent arc and renewing the military SOP, bringing a new Field Manual, and updating the armor/uniform regulations! We are also going to be hitting our overall Guild Campaign story arcs into overdrive starting with this Saturday! Campaign 2, Chapter 3: Slug Thrower! The epic conclusion to the Kobra the Hutt Saga!


Shadow Dominion is also focusing a majority of our effort into building up ground breaking new stories and systems in preparation to the new expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire! Shadow Dominion will be VASTLY changing it's story and concepts come expansion! More info forthcoming upon additional reveals by the SWTOR devs!


We here at Shadow Dominion are also working toward our PvE goals. Operations will become a bi-weekly thing if scheduling allows along with a switch of focus away from Conquest. Conquest will now be a side thing for our members and no longer a big concern as we shift to Commander Hunting on various planets once or twice a week!


Shadow Dominion is still actively recruiting looking through various applications EVERY DAY! We are currently heavily looking for members for the MILITARY BRANCH. Want to make a difference in the Imperial military? Join the 45th's Aurek Hydras and do your part for the Empire. We are also recruiting for the Sith Branch and Intel Branch, with Intel being a higher priority.


Shadow Dominion will also become more present in the community by placing more of our RPies out in the open and popular areas. We are even considering attending more community/server/social events! Shadow Dominion always has our embassy open to associate ourselves with other guilds whether they be Imperial, Republic, or something in the middle. Just message us!


Exciting photos and additional information forthcoming at the end of the week!

JOIN SHADOW DOMINION! Serve your Empire!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk Community!




That's right folks, Shadow Dominion is currently in our 4th Update edition! What's that mean for people who aren't in our guild? Well a lot for us. Guild Updates are major milestones for our guild when we release new player created content such as a new version of our RP Rulebook, Skill Sheets, Character Sheets, and other fun interactive new material that the admins and I share with our guild. We work long hours to ensure that Shadow Dominion is a place full of new ideas and exploring the depths of RP storytelling and character development. To read more about our guild update, which is public info, please look on our website! We are very proud of our RP Rulebook which is based off D&D and the Star Wars Role Playing Game!


Shadow Dominion has also just completed our 2nd Campaign which saw the end of one of our largest NPC rivals, Kobra the Hutt! Here's a few pictures from the stunning conclusion Chapter 3: Slug Thrower


Dominion Troops prepare for the charge up Kobra's bunker hill



Left to Right: Darth Cruxx, Commissar Nithron Nalar, Darth Nightbane, and Lord Calsirus



Dominion Forces prepare to face off against a Spiked Rancor



Shadow Dominion also partook in a Rakghoul RP event today that we do every time the Rakghoul server event comes around! We bring you to Rakghoul Incursion!


Watching the Twin suns set as we prepare to head into the Spike unto the Rakghoul Tunnel




Shadow Dominion is also doing multiple types of events alongside our main campaign and side quests! Each branch; Sith, Military, and Intelligence all are doing their own story arcs while committing efforts to the main campaign. We are also beginning many types of OOC events such as Operations and Commander Hunting!


WE ARE HEAVILY RECRUITING! We are always looking for new members, merely apply to our website and we'll get back to you asap. We are still desperately looking for more military among anything!



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Greetings Ebon Hawk!


Today, we'd like to announce we here in Shadow Dominion are still heavily recruiting for all branches.


The Sith Branch has just brought up 5 new Acolytes from our starter rank of Initiate and will be looking for new Initiates through the end of the month. Our Academy is top notch with interactive classes, at least 2 a week!


The Intelligence Branch is also looking for personnel and will be conducting Intelligence missions and training fairly soon.


The Dominion Military Branch has begun reformation! The 45th Imperial Shock Trooper Corps has been reformed into the 45th Special Operations Group; 'GMC' -Galactic Mobile Commandos. Our Military personnel are no longer just front line basic soldiers but rather Imperial Special Forces. The 45th will be undergoing new changes in our command structure, training regiment to add training sessions weekly, and new missions. From going to a standard infantry unit to special forces unit, the 45th will be committed to more advanced standards and trainings. The 45th will also not be limited by the number of individuals. Players can now advance in rank, build their RP, and develop their stories without the need of a quantity of troops. The 45th now will be moving to a quality based unit. The Dominion Military itself will still represent itself as having a good standing military force with Army and Naval assets. ALL PLAYERS ARE SPECIAL FORCES! (Think kinda like Havoc Squad like persons). The 45th is currently our lowest branch in population. If you think you have what it takes to join the 45th GMC, please throw in an application!



Shadow Dominion is also hosting a server event this Sunday @ 7pmEST. Remembering Ziost! Feel free to show up and honor Ziost!


Join Shadow Dominion today, and build a future for your character!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk,




You think Havoc Squad and other Republic Special Forces have no competition? Black Ops too mainstream for you? Are you a real patriot looking to serve your Empire in a unit that plans to MAKE A DIFFERENCE?


Look no further than the 45th Special Operations Unit: CODENAMED: Reapers. The Reaper Program is an initiative begun by Lord Commissar Nithron Nalar of the Dominion Military in an effort to drive a major dividing line between what it means to be Special Operations and Advanced Warfare fighting in the Empire.


Build your soldier from the ground up. Join as a Private entering the (DAMS) Dominion Academy of Military Science, and not just become a soldier, but become a better soldier. Reapers are all purpose mobile commandos situated for any task and can even work INDEPENDENT of their Fire Teams! A Reaper is much more than a routine Black Ops soldier, they're trained to be smart, efficient, tactical, and loyal to the very end. (DAMS) will take you through advanced training in weekly scheduled events and missions that will shape you up to be a full blown commando. Those who make it all the way to Corporal will have the opportunity to graduate DAMS and go on to be specialized in an array of duties in the Reaper program!


All new recruited Privates are issued: STANDARD ISSUED ARMOR, WEAPON, PT GEAR, AND A FIELD MANUAL! Multiple opportunities for advancement, specialization, and officership.


JOIN THE DOMINION MILITARY! Do you have what it takes to be Special Forces?!


Apply today: CLICK HERE TO APPLY Fill out the application and choose: The Military Branch.


All Players are automatically entered into the Reaper Program, all NPCs in the Dominion Military are standard troops now.

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


Battle for Arkania Orbit




Shadow Dominion is building up well and has begun our next big campaign: Arkania! ICly, after the events of Shadow of Revan and Ziost, in a counter offensive against the Republic, Shadow Dominion's forces have attempted to spear head into the Colonies region through a secret hyperspace lane! Chapter 1 has already been completed detailing the take over of Arkania's orbit. The campaign is expected to be 6-9 Chapters in length and lead up to the new expansion of Knights of the Fallen Empire!


Dominion forces repel boarding parties from the Hanger Deck of our Harrower the Oblivion



Dominion forces retake the War Room on the Officer Deck from a SIS Slicer



Shadow Dominion is also still heavily recruiting, especially Military! We desperately need military applications, so please, if you love Imperial Military RP, this is a good chance to get ahead of the game in our military branch. Intel is also heavily recruiting!


Shadow Dominion is the place to be if you like massive story driven events, and character developing systems. Our Rulebook is so unique, and updated every other month with new systems and ideas! You literally build a character unique to your own play style.


Join us in Shadow Dominion, and build a new future for the Empire!

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Greetings Ebon Hawk community!


Another great week has passed for Shadow Dominion, and we'd like to let you know what we're up to!


Campaign 3, Chapter 2: Landfall



Shadow Dominion's campaign is really heating up! After breaking through Arkania orbit, Shadow Dominion has now begun an operation to spearhead onto the tundra planet. Moving down via escape pod with a rapid insertion plan, Dominion forces smash down to the planet while trekking across a frozen mountainside to repel down into a republic occupied mining facility used as a base. Once inside, anti air turrets were deactivated to allow Imperial shuttles to arrive, only to have a creature be awoken during the fighting. An Arkanian Dragon, though to be long extinct rises from it's deep slumber engulfing the entire complex in hellish fire. Dominion forces barely escaped before the creature flew off into the mountains.


Nithron Nalar, head of the Dominion Military shot in the shoulder by a Talz sniper. A medic and Sith rush to his aid!



On an Arkanian mountain range overlooking the mining facility, Dominion sniper; Corporal Soli'taire downs the Talz Sniper and provides overwatch as the team heads to Chiss allies.



Inside the Mining facility, waves of Republic troops are dealt with as a beast is awoken within the tunnels of the mining complex.. An Arkanian Dragon.




Shadow Dominion has also released: GUILD UPDATE 4.2!


We've added new additions to our Rulebook including racial bonuses to the new Torgruta playable species, and small buffs known to be used by NPCs. We've undergone a website patch that will be adding more lore sections to the guild website, while also making the process of making Character Sheets easier!


We've now had a 5 days streak of applications, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! That's a major first for the guild as we celebrate the guilds 1 year Anniversary!. That's right community, the guild has now been around successfully for one entire year! Although many of us have been playing since beta, we're very happy to have a first successful year of bringing great storytelling and character development to the server.



Our Military Branch is still HEAVILY recruiting! All other branches are too, but Military needs it most of all to fill out the chain of command. Please feel free to send an application in. Remember to put thought and time into the app, as quick apps with low amount of effort will be quickly denied.


Shadow Dominion also would like to thank all our members who could make all this possible for us. Without your constant attendance in weekly trainings, missions, quests, and our campaign weekly. We'd not be here.



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Greetings Ebon Hawk!


It's been over a month now since our last posts, we're still kicking! We've been undergoing MASSIVE changes to the guild to prepare for the upcoming expansion: Knights of the Fallen Empire, that will completely change the course of our story as a guild, and how we operate. The Dominion Council and I have been working tirelessly week after week to prepare these changes to best make an engaging and story driven experience for our membership. These changes haven't gone into effect just yet as we make the final touches, but I'd like to keep you, the community informed and all our prospective recruits!


Restructure of our ranking system

If you've ever been around Shadow Dominion, or read our website. You know that we have a pretty indepth ranking system. We have OOC and IC ranks, the OOC ranks are what everyone goes by, while your IC rank is determined by what 'branch' of the guild you're in; Sith, Military, or Intel. We've done away with almost every officer rank combining them into just one officer rank, while adding an extra member rank. There is now 5 member ranks, 1 officer rank, and then the council. Each rank has special meaning and privileges in Shadow Dominion. See oru old ranking system here: Click me!


Restructure of Training and Development

If you know anything about Shadow Dominion, we take our training and development seriously. We ensure that each Sith coming in, every soldier, and every agent know the lore and style of the field they're RPing in. The new changes will be bringing an end to the 'old lecture style' of training and bring about more engaging RP with story rather than week to week training sessions. We hope that character development and training can be achieved more fluid in guild adventures rather than holding people's hands throughout their development. We still aim to uphold strict standards, but allow freedom of choice.


Focus on the Path system

The Path system is our guilds class system. This is something we've been working on all this year, but finally are beginning to implement in every branch. Once accepted into Shadow Dominion after the application process, you'll spend about a week, maybe two tops at our first rank of 'Recruit', then you'll be advanced to the full rank of 'Member'. Once as a Member, your training becomes deeper as you begin to prepare for a Path. Paths are more deeply explained in each branch forum section.


Change from d100 to d20 system

The largest, and most time consuming change coming to Shadow Dominion is the change in our RP system and RP rulebook. For those unaware, Shadow Dominion has it's own Rulebook based on the Star Wars RP game, Saga, and D&D. For the last 3/4 of a year, we've been using a d100 setup customized for the guild. Now, with big change in the air, we as a council have decided to go a step further in the depth of our system. By changing to a d20 system we will be adding more deeper changes to our attributes, giving weapons individual hit dye, making skills more important, and even the possible return of items and equipment to our character sheets!



Lastly, come expansion, I will no longer be the single head of Shadow Dominion. My second in command, Nightbane, will be ascended to my equal OOCly. There will be a great many times I will be unable to be fully around due to RL, so he will be stepping in to help lead the guild fully in the direction we see fit.



Many more changes to come! This is but a taste of what we're working on. I will be posting updates to every piece of the guild, including branch changes, and updates to the OP. Shadow Dominion continues to grow and develop, and our story will too come expansion!

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Guild Update 5.0



Greetings Guild and Community!



The time has finally come after months of working and planning to adapt to a new way of working! Shadow Dominion is now in Update 5.0 which brings us our 2nd Rulebook Edition! A great thank you to all our council and to our newest council member Darth Suthre for all the content we've built up. This new Rulebook plans to be one of the best and compelling yet, with new systems including weapons that will make our dice system more in depth, real, and daring. Along with new system content, we've spruced up our website with new information across our tabs, a new ranking system, and About Us tabs about each branch.


Learn more about the Sith Branch Here


Learn more about the Military Branch Here


Learn more about the Intelligence Branch Here



Along with all this great content came the rising of several members to new heights. We would like to congratulate the new staff in each branch that can be found here on our Hierarchy page! Along with new characters rising through the ranks come new changes to each branch. The Sith Academy has changed massively in the last month allowing more focus on the Master/Apprentice system, our Military is now expanding back to Shock Trooper status and allowing contractors to work alongside our soldiers, and Intelligence will be building up more personnel. We also have a new Path system in each branch to help develop personal roles in the branch to expand RP. Find out your path!


All of this in preparation to the expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire! We have a major story to tell and can't wait to bring things to our membership and the community at large.


Long live the Empire, glory to the Dominion!


(More mini Updates will be forthcoming to add to our new system! COME JOIN US! Experience the fun of customizing a character!)

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The Shadow Dominion's Sith Branch is always Recruiting. We currently have 22 Active Sith, and we are embarked upon our Fourth Season (A story arc). Below are a few samples of our 'Story Driven' trialers. These are Season III, Season IV trials. Our Sith Branch is currently halfway through Season IV. (We utilize pretty pictures too! but can not display them here unfortunately).


End of Season III Trailer: Here (Voiced Toward the End)


Season IV Text Crawler: Here


Season IV Intermission Video: Here (Voiced First Half)

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