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VERY polished game but...


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Please make an option for to turn off the camera angle to automatically follow you from behind...


and please once the bars are locked make it movable with buttons such as shift right-click etc...


And also please please enable shift + left-click and shift + right-click to BIND on quick-bar...


Oh also please enable us to move action bars of pet on to our Quick-bar.

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I really don't know why you want this game to turn into easy mode.


I mean that option was in Ever Quest in 1999 and we all know Ever Quest was full of noobs and slowly made mmo's easy mode.


I vote less options.


They should make the camera lock in FPS mode.


Also get rid of hotkey's! Hardcore gamers bind 0 to jump!


I want this game to be soo hard because it's UI is that bad. Swtors will become the hardest mmo ever! Everyone who plays will be the most skilled because they have 18 hour CD's on their pass fleet and no hotkey's!


Dual speccing just makes you weak! Level as a full healer! Only "real" players know the joy of leveling for hours longer because you can!


BW, bring back the mud's. Screw UI's. We should just describe our surroundings using chat.

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