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Elder Game Content Question(s)


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Hi Friends!


I've finished class stories through Chapter 3 for 2 different characters (I work at a slow pace in this game, considering I had early access and have been a subscriber since it was released). My two characters are Jedi Guardian and Sith Inquisitor. I also just finished the Revan Expansion with my Guardian and I'm now going back to do the same with my Inquisitor, once I level to 55 and finish the Makeb missions.


My question is this - what else can I do once I'm done with those? I plan on staring a 3rd character, which I'm excited about, but I'd like to continue to play with my current 2 as well. I know there are lots of end-game options, but I would like to know what I can do specifically that is solo (I don't like Operations or any type of group mission, really), and that adds to the story/lore. For example - the Dread Masters missions look very interesting, but I believe those are Operation only (8-16 players), which I have no interest in participating in. Can someone point me to some fun things to do that add to the story/lore, that can be accomplished playing solo?


I found a few guides on the SWTOR forums but it's very hard to discern what can be accomplished solo.


Thanks for any help!

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Oricon can be solo'd until the very end, where it does require an Operation. The intended path is:


> Chapter 3 Finish

> Ilum

> Makeb / Oricon

> Forged Alliances

> Shadow of Revan (Rishi ---> Yavin 4)


Shadow of Revan is the very END of solo content right now.

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In an MMO not much Elder game content is soloable. Other than the Rishi/Yavin solo flashpoints and dailies everything is mean to be completed in groups (operations and flashpoints).


If you have no interest in performing any of those, you can stick with leveling alts and just keep these around for crafting and/or future content. You can perhaps get into PVP, and or GlacticStarFighter but for the most part your chars will collect dust if not doing any of the group content.

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Not much solo. You can queue for PvP or story mode operations now so you don't have to get a large group, but that's not really solo. Datacrons if you haven't got them already, most are soloable, most of the ones that aren't you can solicit help pretty easily (outside of the one on the fleet). Beyond that I can think of:

- Find all the lore items since you expressed interest in lore.

- Try and get achievements you missed, many of those are soloable and time consuming.

- Roleplay if you're into that.

- Improve the look of your character / stronghold.

- Completing optional missions, Planet Arcs, daily areas, ect.


Outside of those I don't think there's much until they release a new expansion. The biggest bang for your buck would be rolling another character. Most of the class stories are pretty good so IMO that's well worth it.

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