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Weapon bolstering locations and unique stances.


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i was thinking that it would be nice to see a little more customisation with the Jedi/Sith classes.


For instance:

Different forms having different ways to hold a lightsaber.


Defensive = having a 2 handed grip in front of the character

Offencive 1 hand = 2 handed high grip (near shoulder)

Offensive acrobatic = 1 handed pointed towards the enemy towards their mid section


Something to represent the style/form the character has adopted.


Also the location of where the saber is kept on the body of the character:

Ventress dual wields and both of her Sabers are I front of her (opposed to on the side like they are currently)

General Kota (force unleashed) has his saber on his back.

It could also be on the chest armour at an angle (like the combat knife in most fps with a custom armour section)


Not sure if the bosses read these, but I for one would love to see this.

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