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[BUG?] Some companion gear rewards have bad stats, not all.


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I got the box for Jaesa, HK-51, Mako, and Nadia... and I noticed a trend.


Certain armor piece have good stats, while others tend to have less than level 53 artifact gear.

For example:


Jaesa's Chest Piece: http://i.imgur.com/v0jnP5J.jpg

Jaesa's Lower Robe: http://i.imgur.com/nqSGKp2.jpg


The eirpiece, implants, chest, and gloves seem to be affected with the lower stat bug. The stat differences do show up on the character window as well.

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Thanks for the post.. I got Nadia's box tonight and noticed that half the gear was worse than the 172 stuff I had her in and was very confused.


I also encountered this issue when I crafted my Sorc a 186 purple implant and found out it had over *100* stat points less than a 178 blue (budget was 493 vs 596). At the time I just figured they hated crafters. Now I'm wondering if a Willpower user touched a Dev in a bad place as a child...

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