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(graphic bug) two NPC in the same sabacc player seat


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Hi, in the first smuggler quets that take you to Coruscant, you go to see a famous sabacc-player. There is a Rodian sitting at the table and a twilek behind him. after talking to the master player the twilek sits in the same seat as the rodian, both doing the play cards movements.



I never seem to fins "search" in these forums, so maybe reported before.

I hope this forum is where bugs is reported. (used /bug in game too but I don´t think it goes to development)


Thanks for listening

/former Captain Glom, currently in the sunless quarters of Coruscant.

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Hi there!


For bugs found in-game, please be sure to report them by either using the portal (the ? at the top middle navigation bar) or by typing /bug! Search is currently disabled for the forums. We do have a post by Amber Green regarding this, found here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=22284


Her post will be updated when search has been restored. In the meantime, we do apologize for the inconvenience!

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I just want to say that the bug is still there, currently on the public test server.


At the end of Mission:The Gambler

You are left in Darmas Pollarans private sabacc suite of the cantina "Dealers den"

the two people at the same spot is:

Rodian Gambler

Wealthy Chagrian


Rodian Gambler is previously seen walking away after losing, so he should probably not be there.

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