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[Weekly Classic Operations]


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Ok, this might receive some flak... but just wanna put this out there regardless.


Terror from Beyond, Scum and Villainy, Dread Fortress and Dread Palace all take long enough to do in story mode, let alone hard mode.


Granted it's not necessarily an issue requiring them be done in hard mode... it's just the margin for error means you're still going to be spending hours and hours in these ops if you don't do it with the right people... even with level 60 gear.


I propose the weekly be changed. Instead of doing any of the listed ops in hard or nightmare mode, you change it to doing any 3 of the listed ops in any mode.


I think this is a good idea especially because of the recent loot reductions. People no longer have incentive to do old content like that anymore, so if you asked them to run 3 old SM ops a week for some ultimate comms... it should breathe enough life back into them while at the same time letting people who aren't fortunate enough to run with good groups of players still be able to complete that mission.

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