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A revaluation of Stealth or Warriors


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This suggestion is focused more on the PvP component and it may be premature, but already there has been noticeable trends occurring in the Warzones and, more importantly, ranked arena.


It has become someone a often hear muttering that Sins/Shadows have become OverPowered and I agree. That or warriors have become under powered. I think tweaking was in order with the original warriors since the situation was reversed once upon a time and all Rage or the Republic counterpart were called SmashMonkeys.


Then afterwards there was a bit of a precarious balance; the classes still had power but there were situations- for example if a Juggernaut got near a sage, or a Sin, those had what would be called 'A Problem'. Now they just kite. Warriors have become an inconvenience.


More often than not I lose 1v1s against a sin, weaker sins and this is a constant. Human error can only account for so much and I've been doing ranked for a long, loooonnng time. So, while this is not enough evidence, being anecdotal at best, to justify an instant change it does merit another look.


Sins are just too powerful; with their resistance everything bubble, and damage, stealth out, teeth shatteringly frustrating number of stuns, and of course their off the charts DPS it's just too much. The means to sneak in, do their damage and get out...maybe. That's fine. A double-spin-dash, stun, lock, knock, bubble, AoE, everything, murder machine is..... just a bit much.

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