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OTS camera views and other control optimizations


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There's something a little off about the way the player character centers on the screen when I have the camera zoomed in all the way. To that end, I'd like to see over-the-shoulder camera angles, similar to the way Star Trek Online does it. The more you zoom in, the more the camera centers over the toon's right shoulder. Granted, this is more useful for non-Sith/Jedi characters, especially during combat, when the player would be looking down the barrel of whatever ranged weapon is in play. For melee characters, just pop the camera back into "Chase" view.


Another thing that's just a touch irksome is the way I need to hold either of the mouse buttons for mouselook controls. These things wear out after a while, and as such, it would be useful to have an option to have mouselook permanently "On", with the LShift key (or any other key, bound by the player) as a sort of "Press to enter Interaction Mode" key. For reference, see how CDPR handled the controls for The Witcher (which uses BioWare's own Aurora Engine, coincidentally).

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