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I'll use your template. I'll only advise about Carnage since that's what I know most about.


1. What spec to use PvE/PvP: Tbh, all three trees will be viable DPS roles for either activity, though I personally favor Carnage. Anni should be an easier time though.


2. Why: Marauders are DPS. Plain and simple. That is LITERALLY our only role, sorry. Idk about you, but i'm cool with that.


3. Whats the rotation: For Carnage, there IS no rotation. Skills will be prioritized. Reason being that you will do optimal damage with Force Scream while you have Gore + Blood Frenzy up. Meaning that you should always open with Force Charge + Battering Assault (Or Just Battering Assault if you're either too close or if Charge is on CD). After that it will be situational, but I think you'll always want to open with Deadly Throw (Specced)>Massacre>Gore>Force Scream. With the nessecary gear, only tanks and healers who are ACTIVELY healing themselves should still be alive, and of course if you've got the healer worried about himself and NOT his team then you're doing your job.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that it'd be a good idea to open with the ability that insta-gives 30 fury and starting with Bloodthirst up.


4. Gearin: Stat priorities are STR > Crit > Accuracy Rating <> Endurance > Power. The reason for STR over Crit is that STR will increase the base damage, exponentially increasing the damage done when critting, which is an obvious advantage. The reason for Accuracy Rating over power is that overcapping accuracy will actually DEBUFF whoever you're fighting, which is equally as important as increasing your health.


5. Any personal advice/tips: Don't hold still. The way combat works is that you have to not only have LoS but you must also be FACING your target. The caveat to this is that you can have either your left or right side to your target and your attacks will still fire so long as you keep your camera on the target. Also, if you spec it, I would advise saving Force Camo to break snares during OSHYTE moments.

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