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Commando Gunnery PVPers ... What skill untility options did you use?


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It just seems like most of the focus on this thread is on the Merc side of the house. So I wanted to see what other Mando players were doing. I want to hear which untility options people picked up with their skills and why? I'm just curious to hear how successful their choices are in PVP events.
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Concussive Force

Heavy Trooper

Tenacious Defence (this is compulsory)


Combat Shield

Med Zone (if you dont have a healer this is pretty bad)


Shock Absorbers

Forced March


Don't usually take resource boosters at T1 because gunnery.

Interrupt protection in T2 because gunnery spam

T3 isn't even a choice

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I am curious because quite frankly, there just doesn't seem to be much interest in the gunnery class. Look on Youtube, and you find a bunch of videos made two years ago, but nothing PVP wize (or what I would call reasonably good PVPing) for this class.


Is there really that few of us out there?

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It's frankly less impressive to watch and not that destructive vs almost every other class at the moment.


You need constant LOS as gunnery or damage falls off a cliff which makes you look like a dam fool vs the new and improved super kiters.


Gunnery would need to be damage buffed so it looks impressive through sheer *whoops 1 shot you* for people to want to video it much and it's not on that level.


It's solid but not flashy enough to show off imo.

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