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icon items in legacy sh storage lost border color


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Opened legacy stronghold storage, first time it was all as always.

Second time and later all items shows without the coloring border (green/blue/orange).

Taking one item out and storing it again refreshes the color border thing.


Was about to report this here, yet someone beat me too it. ;)


Well lets see how long it takes them to fix this, where it had never been broken before. Any bets, Weeks, Months....my fake money (credits) is on a year. That is how long these cosmetic,.... yet immensely annoying problems seem to stick around.


Paper cuts people.....Paper cuts. :mad:


Remember when green light sabers were green, not light green? Yep, still broke. :(

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No-no-no, don't 'fix' my borderless icons... I love them. The unmitigated awesomeness of them makes me want to take out a lifetime subs. I tried to campaign for them the last time this happened (with supplemental mats) but people just took me for crazy. I am totally sane and have papers to prove it.
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