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EA - any response to the state of PVP since 3.0 dropped? Sincerely, your customer


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Thanks for getting ship bolster addressed. However, if you have paid any attention to the forums your customers have a lot of concerns regarding the current state of pvp since 3.0 dropped. A post from EA which outlined what you guys are seeing in PVP matches and how that sits with your expectations or if there are changes coming, would be nice!


It's pretty sad that I look at the forums and literally 9/10 are about a complaint or frustration. There is very little positive communications regarding pvp right now; and I would think you would be concerned about that and working closely with the community to understand and provide feedback.



15k HP differences in 30-59 war zones - NO COMMENT

Many complaints about PT burst - NO COMMENT

Many complaints about Sin's superior damage and survivability - NO COMMENT

Many complaints about Sorcs - NO COMMENT

Many complaints about Merc & Mara lack of survivability - NO COMMENT

Many complaints about Jugg focused defense - NO COMMENT


If I missed a memo somewhere...please let me know



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Everything you mention sounds pretty accurate. I wonder how long before the majority of this stuff gets addressed. Even if it's just in a post to us, for communication purposes. I hate to say it, but it reminds me of SOE with EQ and EQ2. I remember when stuff was concerning to players, SOE notoriously would give ZERO feedback.


This really upsets a lot of people, probably even more than the actual broken mechanics in the game. People understand that MMOs come with patches, changes, and these sometimes do not work out as planned. But, what people do not understand is when it is not acknowledged by the company of the game. By them not responding, it makes everything 100 times worse, imo.

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