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Moderators -Could we please be able to post viewable images not just links to images.


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Hello Moderators,


Please help us help you help the players.


Some of us go through great lengths and time to create tables, guides and spreadsheets.


It's often very difficult to share information and very time consuming to do double triple work to share content with the community when we have to type and format every time we want to share some info that is better suited for:

  • Tables - not supported in this section of the forums at least.
  • Images - of guides or spreadsheets, etc. That can show information in a much more organised and easier to view format. For things that is difficult to share with text when tables and tabs are not available for use.


I know that direct view codes for images works in the community section can you please make it available to all the help guide sections as well. Example Craft, Class, New Player help, etc....


A pictures worth a thousand words. Don't feel like having to type a thousand words to share info that could be shared with one direct view image link can show much more thoroughly.


At the very least maybe allow elevated image posting access to the people creating and sharing guides with the community.


Or just maybe possibly it's supposed to work but is broken, and all you need to do is fix it :)


Thank You,


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