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Best possible Max Crit and Efficiency on Craft, Gather & Mission using 8 Characters.


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The absolute best possible distribution...

... using 4 Republic and 4 Imperial Characters to get:

  • Max Crit on all Craft Skills.
  • Max Crit on all Gather / Mission skills.
  • Max Efficiency on all Gather / Mission skills.

With this 8 character Crew Skill distribution, you will have:

  • Each Craft Skill once.
  • Each Gather / Mission Skill twice.
  • Two free spots to choose as you please.



Forum Text Version - least amount of detail:



C = Critical

E = Efficiency

1st Com - 5th Com = Which order you receive that companion.


The multiple C and E listed per class is not a mistake...

...its showing all the bonuses you will get from your companions.



Jedi Knight

Biochem C+5 "Doc 3rd Com", E+10 "C2N2 with sensor"

Scavenge E+10 "Sergent Fideltin Rusk 4th Com", +5 "Treek", +5 "HK-51"



Republic 4 man crew:

Jedi Knight:

Biochem: C+5 E+10

Scavenging E+10 +5 +5

Bioanalysis E+10 +5 +5



Cybertech C+5 E+10

Archeology E+15

Treasure C+2 +2 E+15



Armormech C+5 E+10

Scavenging C+5 E+5 +5

(You Choose)



Armstech C+5

Bioanalysis C+2 E+5

Diplomacy C+2 E+15 +5 +5




Imperial 4 man crew :

Sith Warrior:

Synthweaving: C+5

Treasure Hunting C+5 E+5 +5

Investigation C+2 E+10 +5 +5


Sith Inquisitor:

Artifice C+1 +1 E+15

Archeology C+5 E+5 +5

Slicing C+2 E+5 +5


Imperial Agent:

Diplomacy C+5 E+5 +5

Underworld Trading C+2 E+5 +5

Investigation E+10 +10 +5 +5


Bounty Hunter:

Slicing E+15 +5 +5

Underworld Trading: C+2 E+10 +5 +5

(You Choose)


For more detailed info like which companion gives which crit or efficiency and in which order you receive that companion and therefore the bonuses, Use on of the versions below:

Table Image Version - very detailed.

Image of the 8 crew distribution table found in the spreadsheet


Spreadsheet Version - most amount of detail.

Spreasheet - Best Class/Companion for each Crew Skill. Crit. and Efficiency.




I spent hours evaluating and reevaluating the info If you want the absolute best Crit for Craft and the absolute best Crit and Efficiency for Gather / Mission with two pots to choose as you please. This is it. You can see the tables I created to come to this conclusion.


If anyone finds a better way let me know so we can update the info.


My complaint about image codes not working:

This would have been so easy if the Image of the tables worked. Direct image view codes does not work in this section of the forums. Community seems to be the only section image codes work. Moderators please fix this. Without the ability to generate tables or show images in our posts it makes it hard to share info.


For other helpful tools like this visit:

In the forums:

SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection. Need help? A good place to look.

Table of contents Page of:

SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection.

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I looked at your spreadsheet and I think I have a better solution, look and see if you agree or not.


Jedi Knight:

biochem, slicing, (You Choose)


Jedi Consular:

cybertech, archeology, scavenging



armormech, scavenging, diplomacy



armstech, investigation, bioanalysis


Sith Warrior:

synthweaving, treasure hunting, investigation


Sith Inquisitor:

artifice, archeology, underworld trading


Imperial Agent:

diplomacy, underworld trading, slicing


Bounty Hunter:

bioanalysis, treasure hunting, (You Choose)


This selection favors high crit bonuses (on multiple companions if possible) first, then high efficiency where high crit bonus is not available. In the making of this list I chose to ignore the ship droid, hk, and treek because those 3 are available to every character. This allows 1 of each crafting skill and 2 of each gathering skill as you chose. I have a few comments on some possible changes though.


1st change: make the 3rd skill on bounty hunter scavenging so that all gathering skills are available on the imperial side, I think that one is straight forward and few people would disagree.


2nd change: make the 3rd skill on jedi knight treasure hunting because that skill is not available on the republic side, mainly just to fulfill my ocd.


3rd change: This one might be a harder decision for some people. You may decide to change scavenging on the consular to underworld trading. If you made the 1st change you would still have 2 characters with scavenging. You will give up the 2nd highest crit bonus for scavenging, but you will gain underworld trading on the pub side with the 3rd best bonus (the 1st and 2nd best are both on imperial side). So you would have to decide on this 3rd change which of the 2 are more important to you.


There's probably other ways to make sure all gathering skills are available on both sides, some might even be better than doing the combination of 3 changes I just listed. That's why I listed this at the end, because some people might not even consider it important. That said, I still think the 1st change is very important because of the scavenging points out in the world you can gather if you so desire. I'm sure there's some that are easier to get for imp, and others that are easier to get for pub, so I think its good to have scavenging on both sides. It could be handy to have someone that has scavenging for flashpoint shortcuts at some point on both sides too. The other 2 are just added ideas I came up with that might not be as important.

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