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IT Professional seeking casual/mature guild


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Thanks in advance for reading my post. Please feel free to comment or share information about any guild that you feel may be a fit for me.


I'm 41 year old single parent to a 17 year old son (who also plays SW:TOR). My son is very mature for his age and may want to join whatever guild I select. I work in a stressful IT job and use gaming as part of my various methods of fun/relaxation and escape. I've played various MMO's dating back to Ultima Online. If you want to know more about my experience, I can share specifics with you.


Though I am not an avid roleplayer, I tend to play on roleplaying servers. I've just found that they tend to be a better overall experience than general servers. While I often communicate in character, I just don't feel that I'm very good at detailed/story RP. So I don't tend to engage in heavy/pure RP scenarios.


I'm looking for a guild that is both mature and casual. I'm not offended by off color humor or swearing, but don't want to be constantly surrounded by it all the time. I always try to do my best, but don't want to feel like I have some performance standard to live up to like I'm at work. I tend to dabble in all types of content: PVE, PVP, GSF, etc... Though I've never done any real raiding in anything other than Dark Age of Camelot, I'd like to learn about and participate in Operations eventually.


My ideal guild would also be structured to a degree. Guild events and/or meetings were common in my past guilds. The events do not have to be anything elaborate, it's just good to see people doing things together from time to time. Examples would be meetings or a guild PVP night.


If the guild is legacy friendly would be helpful. I have decided to play each class on both factions because I enjoy the story. It would be nice if both sides could join the guild. If that is not an option, I can look for a guild for each faction.


*edit* I'm currently playing a level 49 Sith Warrior (Vengence). I'm thinking about making a Trooper next.


Thanks again for your time.

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I'm an officer from New Outriders. We're a casual, small, family friendly guild with branches on both Sith and Republic side. We try to maintain and relaxed and friendly atmosphere in whatever we do without any kind of performance or attendance for requirements for casual play; all we ask is that folks treat each other and the greater community with respect.


You can check out our recruitment thread here:




or our website here




Cheers and best of luck wherever you land!

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If you are still looking you might be interested in our guild, The Thirteenth Legion. We are an guild of mostly post college age folks that like to play all aspects of the game including PvE, PvP, GSF, RP, Conquests, and more! Though we don't usually accept members that are under 18, we have made exceptions for mature family members of our members in the past so we could cross that bridge if we get to it. We are a primarily Republic side guild but we do have and Imperial alt guild and some Imperial Events.


We have monthly guild meetings and a wide variety of events every week with something happening almost every day! Feel free to check us out, the link to our site and our recruitment post here in the forums are in my signature.


Best of luck in your guild search!

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And if neither of those suit your fancy - feel free to look up Saberwing. It would be hard to find a more laid back crew that likes to kill stuff - quite a few of us are older, have families, have jobs, and have been gaming together for a while so you would be welcome to join us. We have quite a few families and couples that are in guild.
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I have to confess, you all are making this decision difficult. :D Each of your guilds looks like a good fit for me. The 3 of you even appear to do things together according to forum posts on your respective sites. I hope to get a chance to know all of you in time. For now, I have submitted an application and await to learn about the next steps.


Thank you for taking the time out to tell me about your guilds.

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