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Can't use "in game" Bug Report system due to reported Spam


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I know we've all been hit a lot with spam lately and you want us to report them in game, which I've done. However, I didn't realize that these spam reports count as open tickets. I found this out when I had a real "in game" bug, and I tried to report it and it said I couldn't because I'd exceeded the maximum number of open tickets.


I tried to update or close some of the Spam alert tickets, but each time I've tried (over the weekend) I got the error, "There was a problem closing/updating your ticket, please try again later."


I know there are a maximum number of tickets you want each player to post, but there are open SPAM tickets listed there from mid December, can you please clear them out so we can enter new tickets? I can't be the first one to hit this problem.


The "in game" bug I couldn't report is on the Republic Side, the Senator sent my Commando a follow up email:


From: Senator Vanara Kayl


She gave me updates based upon my actions with her quest line, and rewarded me with a "Planetary" Com. When I clicked on the Planetary Com reward it clearly told me this was no longer used in the game and vanished. I didn't get a Basic Com instead, I simply lost the reward. It's only one com so no biggie, but I still felt it was a bug that should have been reported (but it seems the only place I can do that is here until the SPAM reports are cleared out).



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Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they are aware that some players have hit the maximum amount of tickets. I myself still have four open tickets for reporting spam mails, and unlike the other tickets, those have not yet been worked on. However, I can see the tickets in my list and have the option to close them.


In any case, there's no need to report your planetary comms bug. This bug has been reported as early as December 2nd, the day when 3.0 came out, so it is already a known issue. :)

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