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New progressive raid guild is recruiting


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So a pedophile, a priest and a raipist walks in to a bar. He asks for a drink. *badum pss!*


Now that we've broken the ice, let's get down to business.

We are a newly formed guild set on raid progression. So we are looking for people who are willing to progress and do a bit of grunt work (hardcore), but at the same time bla bla have a laugh you know same cowpoopie as every other guild basically. But we mean it!


As of now we have a core of 4 players, two tanks and two healers. So what we need is 1*DPS to fill our (butts) ranks. More specifically..


DPS: Sorc or azz-azz-in.


Our requirements are.

- TeamSpeak3, and microphone.

- MLG 420 reference guide (no scope edition is prefered).

- Full 186 gear and augments (or the will and time to do it within a resonable time).

- Must be able to raid monday, wednesday and friday, 7-9 PM (GMT) So for +1GMT that's 8-10 PM (or 20-22).

- Parsec Parsing, it's a downloadable program that you need.


So if this sounds like something for you!!!!!!!! Let us know! Either in here, or in my forum mailbox or ingame.


Whisper Klesk or Anjí (with a mongoloid i at the end) or Rocketcat (renamed from Rocketcunt).

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