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Can someone guide me to the Upgrading Cartel bought weapons guide please


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I have found some stuff about adding augment slots but i want to learn about upgrading weapons i bought from the cartel store. I am sure this is all in some guide somewhere that i can't find. Thanks.


Same as armor, really.


Weapons have slots for mods, enhancements, crystals, and either a hilt or a barrel.


Crafters and vendors have these parts available. As you level up, you can slot better parts in your weapon.


There are cartel market crystals available that you can slot that give a +41 to endurance, power, crit, or expertise (PvP stat). If you can get one of those then you are set. Otherwise you will have to work your way through level-specific crystals that offer lesser bonuses until you get to the top end.


The barrel/hilt is the most important thing to keep up with as that is what determines the weapon's damage. They are the equivalent of the armor mods that you place in moddable armor.


The mods and enhancements are the same as the mods and enhancements that you slot in moddable armor. Zero difference. It's just about finding the ones with the stats that you like.


If you just want guides, Dulfy has some. I am sure that the various class guides will offer hints as to what sorts of stats you will want from your armor and weapons.

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