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Explain your Shadow or Sin


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basically alot of people always give advice on classes so it might be better if we take screenshots of our sin/shadow stats and explain basically why we spec it to our preference..might give people better insight overall..i go 1st since i made the thread..


this is my sin i used the bolster option on the fleet..i have full min/max dark reavers except for 1 enhancement..basically i chose a more balance approach to my sin..most people stack all power and surge..i use 3 battle enhancements for my crit ..i have a thing about my melee crit chance being over 20%..


i use all overkill augments on sin..this is a touchy subject someone like evo will probably say mainstat is better for you get extra crit with bonus damage..i used the battle enhancement mods for my crit instead of mainstat..stacking power and surge sound good but when you dont crit you hit basically like a wet noodle from my experience..


the reason why i min/max my sin this way..simply alot of classes have some kind of defense against force attacks..juggs have reflect, sins have shroud etc..classes like those i basically jump on them using mostly melee attacks forcing them to pop there reflect or shroud..sometimes i will pop recklessness to make then hit the dcd..


once i have that out of the way it's gg..thats why i want the melee crit so my weapon damage attacks hit hard.. i always spam lacerate and use discharge to put my debuff on them..hope other people will share there toons and explain somewhat why they chose to gear them in that manner..lastly i like to keep my surge around 75% basically the sweet spot..one more thing my other enhancements are power and alacrity with surge..all my mods are +62 power mods..





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You don't explain the most interesting thing about your 47k hp


Hatred spec. 20.6% crit, 73.6% surge and 3% alacrity. I test the 3 enhancements with alacrity and think to return to 2% alacrity and 75% surge like your assassin


sorry the 47k hp come from the ship parts..erm forgot to take them off..i had the ship parts before 3.0..bioware probably fix it tuesday..surge from playing all my toons since beta i found 75% is sweet spot you will see the difference..


this right here is why my hp is high and stats are pump up..hopefully bioware fix it soon..



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