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Chaz QoL Suggestions


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With all the major lag issues since 3.0 this sounds very much like First World Problems, but actually I have had these on my list since launch and thought I'd throw them out. Real quick on that subject I'm SO happy to finally see a real response from Bioware and look forward to them fixing the lag issues. Communication is golden, silence is deadly. OK enough about that - my QoL suggestions, and you'll notice I'm a keyboarder, I use the mouse very little, particularly in combat, and I'd get rid of it completely if I could:



- Fix the NumLock key so that it is a usuable key in-game and doesn't toggle on/off the NumPad. Some of us are keyboarders (fewer all the time I think), the numpad is a major part of my keybinds.

- Provide additional keybind for: Select Nearest Item

- Provide additional keybind for: UseSelection- so that the mouse is not required to use an item (like a chest,an elevator button, a corpse etc). Together with SelectNearestItem you could bind 2 keys to use an elevator button for example, or open your cargo hold. Click, click, no mouse.

- Provide additional keybind for: CameraHome

- Provide settings for CameraHome view (X,Y axis, zoom, camera up/down)

- Provide additional keybind for: CameraUp

- Provide additional keybind for: CameraDown

- Provide a slider for how much the camera moves up or down with CameraUp or CameraDown. So now running up or down sloes, or changing your camera up or down, you can control it with 2 keys.

- Provide an AutoLootAll setting that automatically loots all nearby corpses at the completion of combat (LOTRO has this, wonderful)

- Provide a WeaponState toggle setting so that when your character is not in combat it will stay in Sheath or Unsheath Weapon mode. It seems that Jedi Knights stay in Unsheath mode by default while all other classes stay in Sheath mode. It's nice from an RP standpoint to stay in Unsheath mode while out of combat while running through a combat zone, for example.

- Provide a AutoSearch toggle on the GTN that when enabled, will search for an item name that has just been added to the search window by copy/paste, Ctrl-V or Shift-Left Click (without having to click the Search button). Or at least make it search when Enter is pressed.

- Add a feature to the discipline system that allows us to save profiles and load them, similar to the same feature in the UI system. Less important now with the new 3.0 system vs. the old trees (which REALLY needed this feature) but would be very handy nonetheless.

- Expand the Filter system and make it consistent among out character inventory, Guild storage, Cargo Hold, and Legacy storage - allow filter by name, filter by unit value and a search feature for starters.

- I could go into inventory management but have you ever used the plugin SortIt! by Gouru in the game Asheron's Call? This allowed you to set items to go into specific packs (think Bays in SWTOR) so that when an item is added to your Legacy storage for example, it will go into the assigned pack based on item name. Also you could assign specific slots in your inventory or slot sections for items based on name, value or quality.

- A common Legacy bank so that all of your alts use a common money pool. One character per account/per server could be assigned the Legacy Leader and control the setting much like a Guild Leader. Mailing credits between all your alts is time consuming and prone to errors.

- Fix or improve the Follow feature, it's worthless in it's current form because of delay and poor pathing. Probably an engine issue though and not easily improved.

- Allow any gear to become Unbound by paying a fee in credits or cartel coins. It would be nice to be able to swap gear between alts on your own account at least.

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