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Group finder past 55

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at level 56 you can still take the daily quest asking you to complete 50 hard flashpoints.


Thing is, you can't queue in group finder for them.


1st question : Why ?


2nd, it's already hard enough to find a group for FPs 50, how are we supposed to do now... If you delete them from group finder, delete the quest also.

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HM LI has been soloed at 55 in a 174/180 mix (Kell Dragon + Verpine). If HM LI can be soloed at 55, everything can be soloed at 60.

Just Sav-Rak being a pain the butt when he keeps jumping in 5 second intervalls while his acid is getting stronger. :rolleyes:


But yeah, shouldn't have issues at 60. Actually, at 60 with my Jugg tank, I wasn't slower soloing these than at 55 in a group, so there's that. And on Battle of Ilum you just walk past most of the stuff anyway.

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