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Just came back To Sentinel. Combat still valid in PVP?


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I've been playing a little of all three specs on my 60 sent (not in sig cause not FoTM).


Watchman - you can actually put up big numbers at times due to DoT and the DoT spread on force sweep. I've actually been having a good bit of fun with this spec, particularly in voidstar (big numbers). I've hit just over 1m, and I've seen a screenshot of somebody who did 2.6m with a watchan sent. You get some slight self heals from the DoTs, but it's nowhere near as good as my serenity shadow. Watchman is not so good for arenas because you generally want burst damage more than DoTs, and watchman's burst is definitely lower than concentration and combat.


Combat - Good burst, but most of your damage comes from precision windows and master strike, which are really easy to interrupt. If your opponents know how to beat you, you will have a bad time. If they don't, you can kill some peeps really fast.


Concentration - I would say this is probably the all around best sentinel pvp spec. Conc is much less reliant on master strike, with the addition of two new abilites (one 10m, the other 4m). This is not the focus sentinel of old. It's not an AOE spec. It is a single target spec now. Conc has good burst, and is pretty mobile. Zealous leap can get you on top of snipers, and it is really nice sometimes having a second leap, even if it is only 10m. With Conc, spam transcendence a whole lot, but keep it in your pocket at times for breaking roots (see next paragraph).


For regular warzones, you can do fine in any of the three specs for the most part. Arenas would favor Conc or Combat, probably not Watchman. For utility points, I've experimented a bit, but I really like having Displacement (allows rebuke to be used while stunned + extra range on pacify), Fleetfooted (Transcendence breaks movement impairing effects!!!!!), and Expunging Camo (Force Camo removes cleansable effects). Some people are really high on contemplation (introspection builds centering), but I find that I rarely get a chance to use that in regular warzones - most of the time its respawn, hurry back to fight ASAP.


Sentinels are kind of weak in pvp right now, mainly because of the proliferation of roots and a pretty severe lack of ability to break roots. A melee class that can't move is a class that can't do damage, so a root is effectively like a stun (and roots do not affect resolve). I had one match tonight where I was rooted by electric bindings (sorc / sin 5 second root on knockback) three times in a row....


Anyway, in spite of all this, I've been enjoying the variety of having a class with three at least semi-viable specs that I can play with. Just try not to get overly irritated when you face 5 sorcs. :mad:

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