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Huge glitch with bounty hunter mission "Bullet with a number" (Spoilers alert)


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I just completed the mission "Bullet with a number" and it has a huge glitch at the end. Spoilers for those who have not played the bounty hunter mission.


I got to the end and after I froze the supreme chancellor in the cut scene my next mission was to "sabotage the escape pods" which is something I did before you get to talk to the SC. Anyways the ship is attacked and I get to the escape pod room and there is two more SC guards in there. The are both marked the same difficulty level but one took damage as normal while the other took none during my first try. I literally mean his health bar did not move regardless of what attack I used. I respawn there over and over and the results are the same 3 more times. The 4th time he finally takes damage and when I get him down to about 10% his life bar starts to fill own its own. I keep attacking and his life bar keeps going up till it is at 50% and then he kills me again. On my 5th try the two SC guards did not show up again and one of the blow up escape pods was flashing. I click it and when the action of "sabotage" is done it says something like invalid choice in red and the my mission switches to speak to Darth what ever his name is but I am still on the SC ship. I walk all the way back to the elevator and try to go down to the docking bay I came in and it said docking bay destroyed and the next thing that happens I am in the other docking bay I started in when I took the ship to get over there and it said escape pod recovered.


Now I am guessing the way it was supposed to go was I kill the last two SC guards and then leave in an escape pod but it did not work out quit like that. I was about ready to quit before it just let me go. I am sure you can look it up on my account and this happened on Thursday 1/8/2015 between 9pm and 1030pm CST.


I know it won't make a difference for me but I just wanted to report it so no one else got stuck like I did.


I also posted this in customer service thread.



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