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<Spoilers> Looking for Raiders


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Hi! We're currently looking to start a second group to run SM Ravagers and ToS and eventually move to HMs.


We're looking for all classes. This group will run Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6-8 pst, and additional runs can be added at the groups discretion. Top players from this group will be subbed into the Progression group as needed.


<Spoilers> is a newer guild that branched off from a larger one. We are PROGRESSION minded and are looking for players who share this mentality. Currently, we are HM 3/10 with Malaphar, Sparky, and Bulo kills. If you're looking to get in a guild where other players' skill isn't holding you back and there is room for advancement, this might be the guild for you.


We do use TS and Parsec. This is required for all raiders. If you stand in stupid a lot, then this isn't the guild for you. This is a Casual guild with STANDARDS.


PM or MSG Maylstrom, Sev'eere'n, or Kryptics in game. Or you can apply on our Website.

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