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Request: New Legacy Perk Adjustment in upcoming Patch


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Greetings everyone!


For those of you that do not know, there is reports of a new legacy perk being added this tuesday. It is a slightly useful skill, however the problem is the cost with unlocking it. This thread is to simply request that Tuesday's addition have it's cost lower that on the test servers.


Curently the Legacy Perk allows you to "Summon Mount while Moving", and works similar to how the Rocket shoes work. This can be a useful skill, especially in pvp. However it's astronomical cost, and only per character, makes it highly less valuable.


Current cost: 2million credits / 400 cc PER CHARACTER (no legacy wide unlock available)



Suggested change: 500K Credits / or 125 CC single or 400 CC account wide



Thanks and hope we can get this change in time for tuesday!





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2 million credits is in line with other account-wide legacy unlocks. However the utility provided by this is a minor QOL improvement over a process that takes 1.5 seconds.


It's entirely unreasonable to charge 2m for that for only one character.


This should absolutely be made a Legacy Wide unlock.

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