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LF new desktop, need halp with specs


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howdy, my dear fellows

i am looking to buy a new pc for me, and would appreciate some advice towards cpu choice, mostly...

my current spec:

core2 quad 9300 2.5GHz

4gb RAM

geforce 9500 512mb

i got this in november 2008, and even with vista on it, i always thought it rocked really good, until i started playing swtor in december 2012, which forced me to switch my OS to 7, aaand it didnt changed much and i still need memory cleaner up


now the chance has come for me to get a new pc, and this was the only good thing i could find in my town (i live in a small city in the middle of nowhere in HUEland, where best internet connection is 1mb and its still lacking) :w_rolls_eyes:

AMD FX-6300 6-core 3.5GHz

8gb RAM

GTX650 DDR5 1gb


about this AMD processor, i read that is has some overheating issues, and that i should get a better cooler

also i know the debates about AMD x intel and bla bla bla, but would it really be a deal breaker, or the sorts of it???

im not a 'new release wh*r*', im just a dedicated 'casual' player :p

well, i would really appreciate some insights, also im yet to check in a near city for hot specs, but im not going for high costs, that one really suits me, i just want to know if its really ok or a waste, now that it is 2015. TIA

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