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Might vs Power Augments For Vengeance


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Hello Ive been testing out the might and power augs


Now this is what ive roughly found in my results:


Might grants more crit if your fully augmented 186 might it will give arround 1% crit (to the nearest whole number)


Power grants More bonus damage, but it also grants more damage on each attack higher than what might does ( i think i got that one correct, forgive me if im wrong on the wording)


To sum it up ive found power augs grants more damage than might augs


So my question is why are people recommending people take might augs for the extra crit bonus?


I have around 25% crit in full power augs is that 1% really going to make a difference ? imo its not but im curious what other people think on this, i know for rage tree its suggested to use all power augs so im kinda wondering why not for vengeance

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TBH, you can go either way, but for the long term Might will likely be the better set to have. Most people, including myself most the time, are limited on credits, so they carry 1 set of augs for their characters. The reason I believe, not necessarily everyone, Might will be better in the long term is as we get better gear we'll see more Surge in our gear. As we get more Surge, crit becomes better. That one percent may not be much right now, but I would think it would be better than straight power as we progress. Either way, time will tell, but right now I would say your correct in that Overkill probably nets a better increase to DPS compared to Might augs.
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well im glad to see im along the right lines and i also guess its down to personal preference


highest parse i done with might augs was 4.297 and in power i managed to reach the lucky 4.456 in 192s with 2 bits 198 and 2 relics 186 but consistent parse with power augs is 4.358 no set bonus yet so will be looking to get my 1st 2 bits tonight or tomorrow.


so not much difference in it really but every little helps, thanks for the reply btw admired your work for some time vesev

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To help me answer gearing questions since before 2.0, I created a spreadsheet for my Guardian, using the various stat and ability formulas and the # of times I use a given ability in a representative parse. At the 198 (Revanite) gear level, optimizing for highest average damage, here is what I get:


For all results, I went with 6 Accuracy enhancements/implants/earpiece + 1 Accuracy augment, leaving 13 augments and 4 enhancements/implants/earpiece slots:

1. 0 Crit (by comparison, 360 Crit Rating results in a drop of ~9 DPS, so it is not a big deal at all to have some Crit)

2. The best predicted DPS is with 2 Surge and 2 Alacrity pieces. The next best options, in order, are 3 Surge + 1 Alacrity, 3 Alacrity + 1 Surge, 4 Surge, 4 Alacrity.

3. When you use 2+ Alacrity pieces, you should favor Overkill augments. If you use 3 or 4 Surge pieces, you should favor Might augments. However, the differences are tiny -- perhaps 3 DPS, or less than 0.1%.

4. In most cases, some mixture of Might and Overkill augments yields the best average DPS, though again the difference are tiny.


At 192 gear levels, since your amount of Surge Rating is smaller, Overkill augments are valued slightly more (again, the gains are tiny).


Keep in mind, the results will vary somewhat depending on the player and # of ability activations in a given parse (for example, my parses in general have lower APM than some of the highest parses by Vesev, Manweth, and Rydarus, so the conclusions based on their data may be slightly different).


TL;DR version: Whether you use Might augments or Overkill augments, the differences in DPS will be practically undetectable, whether dummy parsing or in actual boss fights, compared to execution of your rotation and adapting to the fight mechanics.

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