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Enemy Buffs/Debuffs overlapping - is this a bug or is it my fault?


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The dev post on the UI causing FPS issues got my mind back on a very annoying thing that is happening with my UI, and I don't know whether or not it's a bug in order to submit a report or ask for help in customer service.


My enemy buff and debuff icons overlap one another. I thought for a while it was because of the lower resolution I had been using on a different PC, but having played on my regular PC in 720P again it's still occurring. There is of course no option to re-position these in the UI editor like there is for your own buffs and debuffs. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Both the buff and debuff bars are editable in the following ways:


* Placement

* Number of effects displayed per row

* Stack right vs stack left

* Stack up vs stack down

* Order of display

* Size / scale


For yourself, yes, they are their own UI element and are fully editable. For enemies, they are not editable. They simply come as a part of the UI element "Target Frame" and cannot be edited. These are overlapping for me.

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