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Looking for 2 DPS 1 Heals for hardcore progression raiding


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So here's some back story: due to some scheduling conflicts we've lost three members of our group, sadly. So we're hoping that we can find some solid, smart, hardcore progression raiders for our group. Ideally we would like ranged DPS and a commando healer. Gearing you out will not be an issue at all! All we require is that you are smart and willing to learn if you do not already know the new HM fights.


You can contact either myself (Kalenaa) or Gatz in game in order to talk to you and figure out scheduling details!


Currently our set raid days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday's at 8:00 PM EST. Without tooting our own horns we're good. We've been raiding for a good while and we have experience with every operation, every class, and every spec. If you do not know something we would be more than happy to explain it to you! Don't be shy! Contact us in game! If neither of us are available we may be on alts so just send us an in game mail!

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