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We small Jung Ma. We tiny!


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I think that's just when they happened to be on, if I recall correctly they were trying to find out server would be a good one to choose for population. They've said they'd be interested in doing one at different times, hope they do, but this chart is still a pretty good indicator of population.
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Hmm... 3 observations here from a pvp perspective:


1) Sorc FOTM confirmed.

2) 2 times more mercs than pts? What gives? Despite Mercs being one of the weakest PVP classes for 2+ years they still vastly outbumber PTs which have been one of the best PvP classes for years, and even more so now, even on the Bastion... And ppl are saying PTs are the FOTM...

3) PTs 3rd least popular class, and barely above snipers and operatives. Considering how powerful this class is in PVP, again Im shocked at how low the actual #s are.


Oh yeah, and Jung Ma is TINY. Glad I moved over to the Bastion years ago.

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i believe it is only server with rp-pvp.


That is exactly why I picked this server :)


RP is great, but if you've done it long enough you know you are bound to run into those RPers with big mouths and "god powers" that absolutely refuse to duel you. A PvP server really adds new depth to RP, and also prevents that problem.


I know our population is pretty low, but the fact that this was taken at midnight really does skew the numbers a bit. I can't speak for the other servers, but I can say that the population on Jung Ma is extremely low around that time. For example, Republic Fleet had 12 people when I checked about 15 minutes ago. 12. During the day and evening hours it is much higher than that.


Anyways, a bit random, but if there ever was a server merge I really hope they at least keep the PvP aspect of the server - seeing as it is the only RPvP server. You can always RP, but being forced to flag for PvP is another story. If we were to merge with another RP server and lose world PvP, we would lose the best part of this server.

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