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Bowdaar's Missing Legacy Off-hand


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One of the dailies on Rishi gives a legacy bound off-hand for the companions.


Only problem, Bowdaar doesn't have one. He has strength as his man stat and uses a shield with tank stats. Same as Lord Scourge and Khem Val. But that shield won't work on Bowdaar because he's not listed as a companion able to use it.


An off-hand for Bowdaar isn't listed as a reward for a smuggler doing this daily. So, I was hoping it would show up with the Jedi Knight. The shield does, Bowdaar can't use it.


Please fix this. It's the only off-hand I don't have for my Smuggler's companions.

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Well, there's your problem...using Bowdaar.


He's so bad even the Devs thought nobody would use him! :ph_lol:


I never said I was actively using Bowdaar, he's the only companion for my smuggler without an off-hand. My smuggler has HK. I have 6/6 main hands, 5/6 off-hands.


There's no reason why the shield with strength and tanking stats won't work with Bowdaar. It should.

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Several are still bugged...


A couple turn into mainhands once you get them into inventory even.


Very annoying bug. Doubt it will be fixed quickly.

Which ones "turn into" MH once they are in your inventory? Not the generator, not the Aim shield, not the WP focus, not the vibroknife, the blaster and saber are already (and incorrectly, presumably) listed as MH in the reward interface. The STR focus and shield seem to be missing. That leaves, what, the WP shield? Does the WP shield "turn into" a MH once it gets into your inventory?

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