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The Last Centurions LF Dps


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We have just formed another group and it is full of players who were nightmare raiders pre 3.0

Our sage healer had to drop out of our group so we would like to fill it with another sage healer.

The primary goal is to get build this group into a future nightmare group. So I would prefer someone who has had previous nim exp.

As of now the group has not been running but our 1st run will be this coming weds at 7 PST.

Our raid days and times:

Weds @ 7 PST

Sat @ 6PST

The raids will last 2 hrs but on saturday we may run longer if progress is being made.


Most in the group are in other groups and have been doing sm. Some have cleared both ops.

This is well balanced and strong raid group thats gonna do very well in hm's and into nim.


If you are interest please either post here or submit an app on our website.


Or if you like you can whisper me in game. I have a lot of level 60s and so I do tend to bounce toons.

Kumbel is my main but you can also try kumbal or Kumpal. I am on these toons the most.

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