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the unintentional PvP route


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I have been playing this game a while and, while i dont have a lot of max level toons, the on aspect that gets me every time while leveling is PvP.


i do well, at first, ill do the first four flashpoints with some PvP thrown in for some extra cash and fun. however, by the time i hit about 30 or so i start noticing that I am spending more and more time in warzones. before I know it I dont even que up for fps and level primarily through a few story missions and warzones.


dont get me wrong, I dont dislike warzones at all...i really really enjoy PvP in tOR. what i would like to do is actually do the later planets through as well as FPs.


the reason this is concerning is mostly gearing. i would love to participate more in FPs/Operations, but my gear tends to fall back to PvP specs. And, outside of the fact that i dont know the FP, i lament on how dismal my output must be in comparison to the rest of the group.


I can say this is one of the main reasons why i start new toons only to delete them when i figure out that..gasp..im back in warzones again. I have been in two guilds since launch: one disbanded and a two month stint in the hospital caused me to be booted from the other.


how do you guys who are so PvE centric or a hybrid of the two get over this. i have both medics and dps. I was going to try tanking (again^6),but the grief involved isnt why i play.




TL:DR Whyso Cereal: part of a Balanced Breakfast.

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Given that you use PVE gear when you are levelling anyway, I fail to see the issue.


Just make sure it is as up to date as possible, either by crafting armours, mods, enhancements yourself or buying from GTN, or using basic comms from the vendors on the fleet, ie the old planetary vendors.


Personally, I have levelled all my toons through PVP and I only ever updated every 8 levels or so, if you are a dps, just make sure you weapons are always up to date and you will do fine. once you hit the mid 50s, make sure you do not exceed any gear ratings above 162, else you are gimping yourself via bolster.

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you can trade them and ill max out and do that between gold/coms. Might be that i feel a little less prepared for the rigors of max level FPs using less than ideal gear as well as losing out on mechanic training from previous flashpoints.


so overall, its more a matter of discipline, i guess, in keeping focused on FPs and the que times and not falling back on PvP as a progression method.



I did not know that about the bolster and gear ratings. in the past i had a lot of resilience gear that killed me till i could get them replaced in pvp.

also, did i mention that im an altaholic? yea, that doesnt help in the situation either.


thanks for the input...

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Thanks to the Bolster mechanic, as others have already noted, it really doesn't matter which gear you roll with in lowbies/midbies. If you really like to do FPs, then definitely gear for the FP and just let the Bolster mechanic do the rest. This is the case regardless of role (dps, tank, heals).


btw...it's awesome that you love PvP. Good on ya mate!

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The PvE content is far harder to get into than the PvP. PvP is fast, fun, and once you get the basics requires no prep before every new entry. Each Flashpoint, each boss you have to study before hand. Then, you have to get into the Group Finder. Then you need to get the group that is neither too weak (will wipe), nor too strong (you'll be dragged along like a dead weight).


I had the most success geared in fresh set of blues every 4-5 levels, with purple barrels every 4 levels, changing augments ~ every 10 levels (~L25, 35, 45). As my character was a tank, I was dragged into every Flashpoint on the lowest possible level, so it was nerve-wrecking. I PvP'd well in that set as well. Actually, better than I am doing now in partial Obroan and partial 162 in the midbies.


I had most fun playing in a relaxed manner with 2 friends of mine, and we drew our last DPS from the GF. I am still weeping that out Group well apart after Cademimu and before we did BR/Foundry.

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