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[Empire] Imperial Oath - We are a casual guild


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Are you loyal to the Empire? Are you willing to assist the reforge and make this an Empire to be proud of? Then why not join us?



Imperial Oath is based on Red Eclipse Server


Who are the Imperial Oath?


We are an imperial faction guild who seek to create a friendly and casual gaming community who can still compete in pve and pvp content but without the pressure of a hardcore guild


What do we expect of our members?


We expect all our members to convey themselves with honesty and integrity.

Other than that , we want our members to be pro-active , to take part and be sociable and most of all , Have fun!.

Its what the games all about after all .




We have a TS3 server which we use constantly and we actively promote this to our members to come on in and "meet" the community , develop friendships and get to know each other.

We have multiple channels so each group can have their own channel.




Due to the some times "colourful and adult" conversations that can happen in TS and some times in game , we do have a policy that we don't take people under the age of 18.

We don't not want to incur PARENT RAGE due to little Billy using some new words hes heard over Teamspeak !.

Plus Friday night is kick back night and drunken shenanigans are the norm and we wouldnt want to expose those under age to that and then get the wrath of the parents.


New invites to the guild have to be 18+ as per community standard. They will then have a two week waiting period where they will stay in the status of Recruit. After two weeks Recruits will be bumped up to Member



Other info that might be of interest.


We are working on creating a website.

We are currently working our way towards a ship to call our own, but for now we have a guild stronghold to relax and have a drink together!


If you would be interested in joining please message / mail me ingame Snakewarlord

or you can reply here and it will notify me :)

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