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Emergency Medical Table is gone?


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Like all bugged cartel items, this regen item was available for 1 credit at the vendor for a limited time. That limited time is now over and the item is no longer available.

Always make sure to read the patch notes, since they always announce from when to when those kind of items are available.

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Were the medical table or mood: outraged ever meant to be for a limited time only though? They did that with a couple of decorations in a couple different packs and those only had a couple weeks each of availability (which was indeed made clear up front if you saw them post about it in the forums) but I never saw any time frame given for those other items (please link to a dev post showing a date if I'm wrong about that) and I'm pretty sure I kept coming back to collect them on newer characters many months after they originally went up. It has only been recently (since 3.0?) that they would seem to have gone missing.


edit: I found this


We are aware that the Emergency Medical Table toy and Mood: Outraged that appear in the Collections Window were erroneously omitted from the Shipment 3 Bounty Packs. To remedy the error, the items will be sold via the Bounty Supply Reputation Vendor in the Cartel Bazaar. Each will cost one credit, will not have be a Galactic Reputation Requirement, and will be Bind on Pickup. This will be included in an upcoming patch, and at the same time, we will remove the Emergency Medical Table and Mood: Outraged from Collections. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused and appreciate your understanding.


Nothing about it being limited time only there... Also, they claim the items would be removed from collections but they're not. You can still find the items displayed in collections. They only removed the options to unlock or reclaim them.


edit2: I skimmed through the patch notes a bit. I didn't see mention of limited time frames on these items or on the decorations when they were added. I'm not seeing which patches mention removing any 1 credit items either. I think the information for when items would be removed was only given in the forum posts for those items.

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I only found the post where they added the items to the vendor: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=6689686

IIRC, this was the first item they ever made available for 1 credit, so back then they did not know yet whether or not it should be available for a limited time. In any case, I don't expect them to add the items back to the vendor, they are gone forever now.

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Were the medical table or mood: outraged ever meant to be for a limited time only though?


Think about it logically for a moment. These were intended to be random cartel pack items. Cartel pack items are by definition, limited time only AND limited supply.


Now.. these two items are a bit different because they failed to itemize them into the packs loot table.. so they offered them in unlimited quantities (bind on pickup though) for 1 credit, beginning late August 2013 (16 months ago), and they remained in game on the vendors for 1 credit long after the pack was retired.


Yes, I checked in game and they appear to be gone from the vendors. Then again.. the pack itself is long gone and those two items would have been limited supply on any server, based on who offered to list them on the GTN. So really, I'm not surprised they are missing. But they should have stated so in the patch notes too. So, maybe it's a bug, or maybe it's working as intended since the original Cartel Pack is no longer sold (but I am sure it will return).


But I am sure that someone is incoming to the thread with the ritual application of a /slap_in_the_face. :p


>> I put a thread topic up in the Bug Report forum asking Tait if he can confirm if this is a bug or if it was intended and not noted in the patch notes.

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